The Three Peacocks: Market-style grocer with over 100 BBQ items, with new à la carte menu + rooftop bar

The Three Peacocks at Labrador Park rocked the buffet scene with its insane variety of fresh seafood and meat. After all, it is Singapore’s largest outdoor BBQ buffet, sporting over 100 items that will leave you reeling. 

For those who might not have that big an appetite, you’re in luck— on top of its existing buffet, The Three Peacocks is launching a new à la carte menu on 1 June 2022, featuring premium seafood like lobsters and oysters, as well as wagyu beef, fresh sashimi and more!

Photo of The Three Peacocks sign

Located within Labrador Park, getting to The Three Peacocks might seem like a slight hassle for those who don’t drive.

While you can choose to take a seven minute walk from Labrador Park MRT (might as well work up an appetite, am I right?), you can also opt for the free shuttle bus service which departs from the train station every 30 minutes.

Photo of The Three Peacocks interior

Stepping into The Three Peacocks was an experience in itself. With a startling amount of fairy lights strewn across the airy space, the place exuded chill vibes and reminded me instantly of Bangkok’s Chatuchak.

Not to mention, the smell of grilled seafood, roasted meat and burning charcoal made my mouth instantly water.

Photo of The Three Peacocks new rooftop seating

You may be pleased to know that apart from its regular seats on the first floor, The Three Peacocks has just launched a new seating area and bar on the rooftop.

Chope Reservations

With plenty of greenery and blue skies on the horizon, it’s a really laid-back area to knock back a few drinks. For those with a sharp eye and noticed that there are no built-in grills for the tables in this area, fret not. Friendly staff will provide ceramic grills for you to barbecue your own meat or seafood.

Now, time to dig in!

What I tried at The Three Peacocks

Photo of Australian lobster from The Three Peacocks' premium grocer

The first thing I did was visit The Three Peacock’s Premium Grocer section, which is only available à la carte. This area consists of three large fridges which line the main walkway, and are split into Seafood, Sashimi and Meat.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t order at my table, that’s because The Three Peacocks adopts a roving market grocer style. This means diners are free to walk around and order directly from its various stations, including the Premium Grocer, raw meat and seafood sections, its five live stations, and others like its hot station, salad bar, and ice cream fridges.

Photo of oyster and snow crab leg

The Premium Grocer (Seafood) section houses plenty of fresh seafood which are weighed in front of the customer upon ordering, like Australian Lobster (S$9/100g) and Alaskan Crab Leg (S$13.80/100g), but the first thing I went for was the oysters.

1/2 Dozen Oysters (Medium) go for S$18, while Large Oysters are priced at S$5 each. Though it may seem pricey, the undisputed freshness and size made it all worth it. Each oyster was plump and slippery with none of that pungent fishiness. In fact, I didn’t even have to add lemon or tabasco sauce— it was that good!

If you’re not a fan of oysters, try The Three Peacock’s Snow Crab Leg (S$6.60/100g) instead, which is cooked with a topping of cheese and herbs. I could taste the iconic sweetness of the snow crab leg, while the melted cheese added a savoury touch. Yum!

Photo of seafood on a grill

While diners are able to select from the Premium Grocer for self-grilling at no charges, you can also have it cooked by the friendly staff for S$8 to S$10 per dish.

Admittedly, there is a certain joy in cooking yourself, so we got the Octopus Tentacles (S$2.30/100g) and Abalone (1/2 dozen for S$12) and cooked it over the ceramic grill.

Photo of wagyu beef on a grill

The Premium Grocer (Meat) features several cuts that aren’t available in the regular buffet. 

If you’re feeling bougee, get the Wagyu Beef Knuckle (S$5.30/100g) or Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll (S$4/100g) for your grill. 

Though wagyu-anything is always a stellar hit, especially when you can sear it to your own preferred doneness, I personally loved the Beef Flank (S$6.60/100g) for its surprising tenderness despite being a fairly lean cut. Turns out, it has a marbling grade of MB 4/5!

Photo of The Three Peacocks' sashimi

The last area of the Premium Grocer is the Sashimi section, where you can order thickly-sliced Maguro, Tuna and Salmon to satiate your sushi cravings.

Photo of live station items from The Three Peacocks

If you’re not up for a full-fledged buffet, you’ll be happy to know that The Three Peacocks’ buffet offerings are also available à la carte as well, and go for S$12 to S$24 each, which is relatively reasonable considering it’s fresh seafood.

I popped over to its Teppanyaki and Pan Roast Live Stations to order freshly barbecued seafood such as Whole Squid, Salmon, Soft Shell Crab, and several shellfish like Gong Gong and Diamond Clam

The Three Peacocks also offers a wide variety of sauces, such as Basil Cream, Lemon Cream, Salsa and Garlic Butter, which pair fantastically with the seafood.

Photo of live station items from The Three Peacocks

Its Charcoal Grill Live Station was one of my favourites, as I could order from a wide variety of seafood and watch as it was cooked over an open charcoal grill. 

I mean it when I say that I was truly spoilt for choice, and eventually went with the Oysters, which came with six different toppings such as mentaiko, teriyaki and cheese, Lobster, which was covered with cheese and torched till it was gloriously seared, Crayfish, and Scallops.

As a shellfish kind of girl, I loved the Oysters because of the varied toppings, which made slurping each oyster a colourful experience that was filled with spicy, sweet and salty flavours.

Photo of live station items from The Three Peacocks

Be sure to save some stomach space for The Three Peacocks’ last two live stations— Western and Deep-fried Food, which include Tacos and Deep-fried Fish, and would be great finger food for the kids. 

Final thoughts

Photo of scallops being torched

I’ve heard plenty of good reviews about The Three Peacocks’ outdoor buffet, but you really need to drop by to enjoy the full experience. 

With over 100 items ranging from seafood to meat, it was truly a feast for my eyes and stomach. Thank goodness for its roving grocer-style concept as I was able to sneak in little respites by walking around the market to digest my food.

Photo of spread at The Three Peacocks

The new ability to purchase its Premium Grocer and buffet items on an à la carte basis is something that I greatly appreciated, given that not everyone has the appetite or stomach to go for a full buffet. 

At the same time, this flexibility also allows buffet-goers to order additional premium à la carte items from the Premium Grocer, such as Alaskan Crab Leg  and Snow Crab Leg.

I’m definitely bookmarking The Three Peacocks for future gatherings, regardless of whether I’m going for the buffet or à la carte. Who knows— I might even do both!

* This post was brought to you in partnership with The Three Peacocks.

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The Three Peacocks

8 Port Road, Labrador Park, Singapore 117540


The Three Peacocks

8 Port Road, Labrador Park, Singapore 117540

Telephone: +65 9199 7859
Operating Hours: 5pm - 10.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 9199 7859

Operating Hours: 5pm - 10.30pm (Daily)
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