Kori King: All-Natural Japanese Shaved Ice For Only S$5.90 At This Kakigori Specialist In The Cathay

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Cold desserts are always a welcome reprieve in Singapore since they’re a surefire way of cooling ourselves down while surviving the insane heat waves. If you’re a sucker for shaved ice desserts such as Ice Kachang and Patbingsu, then you’ll probably enjoy the Japanese equivalent known as Kaikigori.

Sharing a space with Saladstop at The Cathay, Kori King specialises in the traditional shaved ice dessert with a selection of eight natural flavours and nine customisable toppings to choose from. 

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Everything from the in-house milk sauce and natural sauces, to seasonal fruit and shaved ice machine, are imported directly from Hokkaido to retain authenticity and match up to the actual dessert from Japan.

 The owner also shared that the Japanese blades used are able to cut the ice into thinner and finer shavings that result in a texture and consistency that is arguably fluffier compared to other shaved ice alternatives.

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With so many Kakigori flavours to choose from, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice but when in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with the Matcha Haven ($5.90). You can also opt for the additional toppings that go at $1 each I would highly recommend pairing this with a combination of chewy mochi balls and classic azuki beans.

As soon as you plunge your spoon into the shaved ice, you’ll notice how delightfully light and fluffy the melt-in-your-mouth dessert is. Laced in between the layers of ice are the bittersweet matcha and creamy milk sauce that strikes a great balance with the former.

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Opting for a more local flavour, I went for the Gula Melaka ($5.90) right after. Crafted with Malaysian palm sugar and a dash of coconut milk, this wasn’t as sweet as I anticipated but the subtle flavouring managed to blend in well with the milky sauce nonetheless. 

Top it off with some tapioca pearls if you’re looking to add some bite to the soft dessert!

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Last but not least, I went with the Mango Royal ($5.90) as I was craving for a fruitier alternative. As with all the other seasonal fruit based options, the mango puree used is 100% natural and does not contain any artificial flavourings whatsoever.

 The results are clearly shown in the refreshing taste that you just can’t get with pre-made sauces.

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If you’re craving for more desserts, don’t hesitate to try their Dorayaki offerings as well. Kori King carries modernised flavours of the traditional Japanese pastry with unique fillings such as dark chocolate, praline and even lemon custard.

These light snacks are the perfect grab-and-go pastries if you’re in a hurry!

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The first flavour I sampled was the Praline Dorayaki ($2.90) that came with almond flakes on top of an absolutely smooth and creamy chocolate cream. The nuts also provided a nice crunch that complemented the fluffy pancakes and made this an altogether delectable pastry to have.

Sandwiched in between a generous amount of matcha paste is the Matcha Dorayaki ($2.90) with the classic pairing of sweet azuki beans. I can see why this flavour is replicated time and again because the combination never really gets old.

If you absolutely love chocolate, try the Dark Chocolate ($2.90) version that consists of a rich chocolatey base topped with a scattering of walnuts. This decadent combination was probably my favourite out of the three.

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If you don’t have time to dine in, grab a Dorayaki to-go or a mountain of refreshing Kakigori in a paper cone! Kori King’s colourful Kakigori desserts will certainly provide a good respite from the heat when the weather is simply unbearable.

Plus, the unique variety of Dorayaki flavours are ones you can’t find anywhere else.

Expected Damage: $2.90 – 5.90 per pax

Kori King: 2 Handy Road, #01-01, the Cathay, Singapore 229233 | Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm daily | Tel: 6734 7697 | Facebook