Kult Kafe: Indulge In Cocktails With Local Flavours & Support Sustainable Living At This Cafe On Emily Hill

Nestled in the heart of town, an arduous climb up Emily Hill will reward you with a unique experience at this hidden gem. Kult Kafe is an expat enclave that bears resemblance to a typical Sunday farmers’ market in Australia.

Hipsters and cafe junkies, this place will definitely tease your adventurous side!

Kult Kafe 3

I headed down for Sunday On The Hill, an event held by Kult Kafe on the first Sunday of every month. This daytime communal activity in the gardens of Emily Hill is great for a laid-back weekend.

Kult Kafe also pulls in vendors who serve barbecued burgers, Sunday Punch, and vegetarian food. With vendors changing at every event, returning visitors can check out the new and exciting food.

Cocktails & Finger Food

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We started off the late afternoon with some refreshing cocktails featuring Kult Kafe’s unique local flavours. Served in a metal mug, Kult Julep ($20) is a rum-based drink that consisted of kaffir lime leaves, lime juice and homemade gula melaka. Interestingly, the infusion of homemade gula melaka gave it a pleasantly sweet finish.

Dill & Tonik ($20) fared equally well in bringing out the summer flavours. Unlike Kult Julep which uses lime juice, lemon juice was used here instead. This drink had a savoury aftertaste from the salt and pepper tones that lingered on my tongue.

Kult Kafe 10

However, if you’re looking for a drink that tingles (an understatement) your senses, the Bloody Belacan ($18) will suit your needs. A twist on the typical Bloody Mary, Tabasco and homemade sambal belacan gave it an Asian twist.

I’m not a Bloody Mary fan, but this drink was the most iconic one. I dislike the taste of straight alcohol, and the spices in this drink mask it well enough.

Kult Kafe 4

We also tried a few of the finger food dishes from Kult Kafe, including the Juicy Soy Satay ($12), Chimichangas ($12) and Nachos ($15).

Kult Kafe 8

As the name suggests, there is no real meat used here. Made from soy, the chunks of ‘meat’ fooled my friend into thinking it was chicken. The soy meat was grilled enough that the exterior was rough and crispy while the insides had a rich consistency.

Besides the vegan factor, the peanut butter had a sweet and gooey viscosity that made it one of a kind; a good and tasty way to introduce your friends to the vegan world!

Kult Kafe 11

If the peanut butter’s sweetness isn’t your cup of tea, the Chimichangas ($12) is a better fit for your savoury palate. The potato chunks within the tortilla wrap were beaten with sour cream and cheddar for a more creamy flavour.

Since milk is the best way to deal with that burning sensation from chilli peppers, this could be a quick remedy if the Bloody Belacan is too spicy for you!

Kult Kafe 5

Some may think that $15 for nachos may seem a little pricey, but I have to admit the toppings were quite hearty. With housemade chilli, jalapenos, sour cream and black beans, the toppings will fill you up.

Here’s a piece of advice: snap up the chips quickly, or they may turn soggy from the sauces! Unless you love your nachos soggy, don’t hesitate to finish the paiseh piece.

Sustainable Lifestyle

Kult Kafe 13

Behind this aesthetically pleasing backdrop and fantastic feast is a carefully curated concept. With sustainability at its core, all the food waste is brought to their compost bin, which is then turned into fertiliser for their own garden. And from that garden comes all the homemade sauces and spices, adding local flavour to the food and drinks.

All the straws used are made from metal, completely removing single-use plastics. To take sustainability a step further, Kult Kafe even buys solar energy from a vendor from Jurong.

Kult Kafe 15

Tom’s goal for Kult Kafe is to turn it into a fully sustainable place, including a menu that’s 100% farm-to-table. “And maybe to the point that it could survive a zombie apocalypse,” he jokes.

Kult Kafe hosts several events throughout each month, and Sunday On The Hill a regular monthly affair. Don’t be surprised if their menu switches up to a Spanish or even African one during your visit!

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Besides pigging out, there are also tons of activities for everyone. Adults can enjoy foosball, to pool, darts and even carom, while artsy tots can let their creativity run wild with the huge blackboard. The sporty little ones can go for the garden games too.

So, if you ever need a perk-me-up during your sluggish weekends, check out what’s going on at Kult Kafe!

Expected Damage: $10 – $30 per pax

Kult Kafe: 11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120 | Tel: +65 9389 2185 | Opening Hours: 5pm – 12midnight (Wed – Fri), 3pm – 12midnight (Sat & Sun) | Website | Facebook