Kumoya: Japanese-French Dessert Cafe At Jalan Klapa Expands With A New Savoury Menu

Last Updated: February 10, 2017

Written by Nicholas Chia

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Well known for their deconstructed parfaits and eclairs, Kumoya is a hole in the wall cafe along Jalan Klapa. Kumoya is the first Japanese-French cafe to be halal certified so don’t hesitate in taking away their pastries or food for your Muslim friends and colleagues.

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The cafe itself is centred around having a minimalist decor while still being chic and trendy. Unlike their setting, their food is anything but simplistic. Be prepared for flavour and textural combinations that pack a punch and look Insta-worthy as well.

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You’ve had their pastries and desserts, now get ready for the range of savoury options from Kumoya. The Breakfast Pancakes ($16.90) are a elevated version of your typical McDonald’s breakfasts. The dish came with a stack of fluffy pancakes that were not overly sweet, playing well to the savoury nature of the dish. The turkey bacon and hash brown were crispy adding a nice textural element to this dish.

The tomatoes were lightly roasted and marinated which gave a fresh burst of flavour in contrast with the savoury sautéed mushrooms. We also loved how the egg was perfect with a runny yolk that burst when the fork pressed lightly against it. The dish was hearty and filling, ideal for brunch.

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Tempura Soft Shell Crab Pancakes ($16.90) transforms your typical tempura dish into something interesting both visually and on the palate. A whole soft shell crab was served atop the light pancakes. Along with that came with assorted tempura vegetables and a brûlée pineapple.

The crunch of the tempura stood out against the soft and buttery pancakes. The crab was tender and tasted fresh while the wasabi mayonnaise dip had a subtle kick, which was a nice touch.

On its own, the brûlée pineapple was a little too sweet for our liking. However, the sweetness balances the flavour of the crab when eaten together.

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A new addition to their menu, the Waffles With Sweet Shoyu Glaze Karaage Chicken ($14.90) comes with morsels of golden brown chicken, a cabbage salad, and two waffle quarters. The sweet shoyu sauce is serve on the side to drizzle over the dish according to your preference.

The karaage chicken was moist and the glazed added another dimension to the its taste profile. The waffles were hot, buttery, and fluffy, a perfect complement to the chicken. We couldn’t help but finish the entire dish.

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Another one of their new additions, the Pasta Aglio e Olio With Smoked Duck ($13.90) promises to be a hearty dish. Served with mushrooms and slices of duck, the pasta was a nice addition to their menu.

The duck was tender and had a nice texture, while the mushrooms tasted fresh and juicy.The dish had seasoned kombu which we felt was tasty, but had too little present in the dish.

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Quench your thirst with a Red Berries Fresh Soda ($7.50) which contains fresh berries, a berry syrup and soda water. Mix the components together and voilà, you’ve got yourself an awesome tasting drink.

The tartness of the berries and the sweetness of the syrup mingle well together, producing a balanced flavour. The fizziness of the soda water also brings a fun element to the drink.

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Finish off with one of their signature parfaits such as the Sakura Yoghurt Parfait (14.90). The frozen yoghurt is tangy and sweet and the pudding has a nice creaminess. The soufflé cheesecake is a nice textural contrast with its fluffiness. Eat it however you like and be surprised by the mix of flavours with every mouthful!

Do check out their brand new savoury menu featuring items like udon, pastas, wraps and more. Now, you can have a comprehensive meal at Kumoya.

Expected Damage: $15 – $30/pax

Kumoya: 8 Jln Klapa, Singapore 199320| Opening Hours: (Sun-Thurs) 12:00-21:00, (Fri and Sat) 12:00-22:30 | Tel: 6297 3727 | Website

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