Kure Menya, Fraser’s Tower: “A halal Japanese restaurant with the yummiest of gyozas”

Have you ever traipsed past a food court that is literally overflowing with commuters during peak lunch hour and thought to yourself, ‘Thank god I’m not in that crowd?’ If so, you’d know that at certain times of the day and in certain parts of Singapore, lunchtime can get pretty competitive—and, not surprisingly, Amoy Street Food Centre is certainly one of them.

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I arrived at Fraser’s Tower expecting a crowded reception, as the building sits literally beside the famous food court—right smack in the middle of CBD. To my complete surprise, however, I was met with the sight of countless vacant seats and a vast, empty walkway when I came to the building’s second floor. There was hardly an office worker in sight, and the only sounds of conversation came from within the restaurants—from the workers themselves.

Perhaps I may have missed the lunch crowd, as it was close to 3pm when I arrived, or maybe it’s the pandemic—nevertheless, I welcomed the stark emptiness with open arms and an open tummy. I am always game for Japanese food, and when I heard about Kure Menya, a halal ramen store that just opened in Fraser’s Tower, going for a review seemed only natural. Plus, you know, I’m a food writer and all.

What I tried


I was introduced to Kure Menya by way of a Tori Fest Ramen, With an Original soup base (S$17.90)—a steaming bowl of glossy noodles bathed in chicken broth packed with collagen, topped with thin slices of lean chicken, two ajitama eggs and sprinkled with fresh spring onions. The soup was rich and full of flavour, like how Japanese soups should be, and I found myself sloppily slurping to my heart’s content. The generous helping of chicken, arriving in both chashu and sukiyaki form, meant that every mouthful was a party of noodle, chicken, and broth—which lasted throughout the bowl.

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The Tori Chashu Ramen, With a Spicy Soup Base (S$11.90) provided a nice contrast with a broth that is significantly spicier and comes with two thinly sliced chicken chashu. I learnt that the chilli was fried in a more traditional Chinese style, giving the dish an extra kick that Singaporeans are more accustomed to. The black fungus provided a nice little exercise for my jaw, while the chicken meat, on the other hand, was delightfully tender and easy to chew.


Moving away from the ramen-based dishes, I found myself with the Tori Ochazuke (S$9.90)—a rice bowl doused in traditional Japanese tea broth, topped with sukiyaki chicken cubes. Packed with umami, the broth left a lingering savoury taste in my mouth, while the chicken makes this dish perfect for a nutritious and nourishing lunch.

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No trip to a Japanese restaurant is complete without some gyozas on the side, and Kure Menya’s Deep Fried Gyoza (S$5.50) comes in a set of four, drizzled with nacho cheese sauce and garnished with spring onions. Though my tummy was already full at this point, the gyozas were so yummy that I had to force myself to make room for more. The skin was crunchy, while the nacho cheese added a touch of smoky barbecue flavour.

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The same can be said for the Tori Nacho Bomb (S$6.80), which is a deep-fried ball of goodness filled with chicken and liberally drizzled with nacho cheese sauce. These tasted like what you’d expect from finger food, with each ball being slightly larger than an average mouthful.

Though I enjoyed the sides, I found the helping of nacho cheese to be a tad too much of a good thing—but if you’re a big nacho cheese fan, don’t let me tell you otherwise. You do you, boo. The generous helping will definitely satisfy your cheesy desires but may be overwhelming if you prefer indulging in the more traditional-styled gyozas without the cheese sauce.

Final thoughts

Kure Menya is an MSG-free fusion Japanese restaurant, catered to the Singaporean taste bud. If you’re looking for a truly authentic Japanese experience, perhaps you might not find it here, but you can certainly be guaranteed a delicious second option.

I left the restaurant charmed not only by the food, but also by its serene ambience and the humility of the chef, who had no qualms to talk to me during my time there. The restaurant came to me like an oasis—a calm, comfortable space with good quality halal ramen, situated within a dense food area in CBD.

I found myself in my seat long after all the food has been savoured, sipping on a glass of Ayataka Green Tea with faint jazz music in the background. Time seems to slow down here, and the next time I’m around Amoy Street during lunch, I know where I’ll be bringing myself to.

Chope Reservations

Expected Damage: $18 – $25 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Kure Menya

182 Cecil Street, Frasers Tower, #02-11, Singapore 069547

Our Rating 4/5

Kure Menya

182 Cecil Street, Frasers Tower, #02-11, Singapore 069547

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
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