CAKEBAR: Raise the bar with gourmet cakes from newly-opened outlet at Palais Renaissance

Nestled away in a cosy corner of Palais Renaissance is a cute little bakery seemingly out of a fairy tale. All adorable soft lighting and lovely pastel hues, this is the second branch of CAKEBAR, a popular bakery in Holland Piazza that has seen overwhelming demand.

I haven’t yet been to the original outlet but simply looking at this one from afar made me want to eat cake!

cakebar - storefront

Stepping closer, I peeked into the tantalising treats on display. There is a unique delicateness to everything CAKEBAR produces. Not overly fancy, each cake has an unmistakably magical softness.

cakebar - cakes on display

The team takes inspiration from French and Japanese influences, meticulously designing, customising and baking every cake from scratch in-house. Three colleagues and I— a mini CAKEGANG— made our way down to see for ourselves.

What I tried at CAKEBAR

cakebar - kori lemon cake

CAKEBAR started us off with the Kori Lemon (S$8.50) cake. It is lemon curd infused with 100% pure lemon juice and lemon zest sitting on a white chocolate almond crumble base. I was told this is CAKEBAR’s undisputed bestseller and it took me just one bite to understand exactly why.

It was a zinger. When CAKEBAR says ‘100%’, they mean ‘100%’. Taste-wise, the lemon was like a burst of fresh brightness that almost reminded me of the sunlit Orchard Road pavement outside. However, the refrigerated lemon curd was scintillatingly cold. Oh, the beautiful contrast!

Firm, smooth and dense, the curd is the star here but the cake is really a winner because of the way the crumbly almond and white chocolate base adds texture with every chew. Kori Lemon was the indisputable winner among the four of us.

You’ll want to remember that this cake must be eaten fresh out of the fridge so that the lemon curd retains its firmness. I am not ashamed to admit that being too slow to eat cake has never been a problem for me. Winners eaters, losers weepers.


A fine beginning indeed but making its way to the table next was a Caramel Mixed Nuts Beer Cake (S$12). Alcohol-infused cakes are nothing new but I hadn’t tried one containing Guinness. Four piqued curiosities waited eagerly.

Like the Kori Lemon cake, this was 3.5” across, too. However, it was much taller. It comprises two chocolate sponge layers, each topped with a layer of salted caramel mousse. A generous helping of caramelised mixed nuts takes pride of place on the roof, accounting for much of the height.

Our forks slid deliciously smoothly through the cake; the layers of sponge were so incredibly moist. There is but a smidgen of alcohol, just enough to contribute its slight bitterness and liquid self without distracting from the sweetness that should be the hallmark of all things cake.

The cashews, almonds and pistachios added a nice crunchy texture from the top, similar to the role the chocolate almond crumble played in the Kori Lemon.

I am very tempted to go back for the 6” or 8” Caramel Mixed Nuts Beer Cake (S$39/S$79) just for the adorably tiny (but realistic!) lager-filled mug it’s decorated with.

cakebar - strawberry lemon cake

CAKEBAR pulled out the big guns next, namely the 6” and 8” versions of the Strawberry Lemon Pistachio (S$55/S$95). Visually, I found them the most striking. There were no ostentatious designs or frilly additions, just the pleasant understated beauty of pink icing and amber-hued strawberry buttercream.

It’s quite a tragedy that the clear plastic ring around the cakes distorts the view of the layers. You only get to appreciate the true beauty of this cake after you cut out a slice. Beautifully yellow layers of sour cream pound cake sandwich strawberry buttercream and toasted pistachios.

Appetisingly green and perfectly crisp, the pistachios balance the tang of lemon and strawberry so well here. While it cannot compare to the exquisite intensity of tastes that I enjoyed in the Kori Lemon, this cake is no slouch, either.

cakebar - tiramisu close up

Our CAKEBAR experience culminated in the Tiramisu Mixed Nuts Caramel (S$13.90) sporting a cake-in-a-jar avatar. Incredibly nutty, the tiramisu is also infused with Kahlua for a kick-in-a-jar. Enjoyable enough, it is sure to be a hit for those who prefer more cream than sponge in their tiramisu.

Final Thoughts

cakebar - table of cakes

The artisans at CAKEBAR are passionate about their craft and it shows. From the intelligently-concocted pairings to the subtle additions of ingredients that add as much texture as flavour, the cakes here are marvels in their own right.

We attended their soft launch to get a taste before the buzz and hype drives the crowds here today, 1 October 2022. Make your way down to CAKEBAR at Palais Renaissance anytime this month to enjoy their Grand Opening Promotion.

Pair the Signature box (3 Signature Bar Cakes +1 Single Cake) and get the bestselling Kori Lemon Cake free of cost! CAKEBAR allows you to mix and match flavours for this promotion.

Expected damage: S$6 – S$30 per pax

* This article was brought to you in partnership with CAKEBAR.

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

CAKEBAR @ Palais Renaissance

390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, #01-07A, Singapore 238871

Our Rating 4/5

CAKEBAR @ Palais Renaissance

390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, #01-07A, Singapore 238871

Telephone: +65 9380 4026
Operating Hours: 10am - 6pm (Mon), 10am - 8pm (Tue, Wed & Sun), 10am - 9pm (Thu to Sat)
Telephone: +65 9380 4026

Operating Hours: 10am - 6pm (Mon), 10am - 8pm (Tue, Wed & Sun), 10am - 9pm (Thu to Sat)
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