KUVO Singapore: Asian Fusion Tapas with Japanese Bespoke Cocktails

kuvo singapore-1875

KUVO, derived from the word “cuvee” which has the meaning of blend in French, has launched a new concept. This is with reference to the flavours offered by its menu, as well as the ambience it provides.

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With its aim of reflecting the melting pot culture of Singapore’s culinary scene, KUVO offers a fusion of ideas and flavours blended together in harmony. By day, diners can make selections from its array of appetising lunches and satiating high tea.

kuvo singapore-1877

By night, KUVO unravels its host of revamped, exciting menus and indulgent dining experience. Diners can make their food selections from a lineup of recommended tapas and bespoke cocktail pairings that are tailored specially to suit the tastes and flavours of each specific dish.

On top of that, customers have the opportunity to unwind to a new unplugged ‘LIVE’ music band, dining at KUVO by night.

I’ll be presenting their new offerings, mostly inspired by small bites and a sharing concept amongst friends. Cocktails are also recommended to go with the food, which are dutifully paired below.

Let’s start off with some champagne, shall we.

kuvo singapore-1895

Antica Fratta Brut ($17 for a glass, $98 for a bottle)

Apart from the cocktail pairings for every main dish, KUVO recommends its exclusive, house-brewed champagne — Antica Fratta as a light bubbly to ease into the night together with the starter dishes.

This house-brand champagne has a pleasing fruity taste and a floral aroma, making it an ideal pairing that goes well with the dishes lined up at KUVO.


kuvo singapore-1900

Brandy Flambeed Beef Cube ($22)

This dish makes use of high-quality beef flambeed with brandy and glazed with red wine sauce. It was prepared medium-rare. Majority of the beef cubes were tender and had a lingering finish making this a table favorite. Only one or two pieces had some tendons attached which proved a bit cumbersome to chew, but not a big enough disaster to deter from its deliciousness.

kuvo singapore-1902

Grilled Octopus ($16)

Sous-vide octopus leg with slow-cooked potato and smoked paprika. This dish is a good start for seafood lovers. Octopus leg is succulent, spicy and naturally salted, while potatoes were quite soft-textured almost like a ball of mash judging from how easily it crumbles in my mouth.

kuvo singapore-1905

Calamari Ajilo ($16)

Another delight for seafood lovers, or I should specifically say, squid lovers, these calamari rings are served sautéed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil, with pork chorizo. A little bit on the chewy side, the dish is pretty much as expected.

So far its been quite a Spanish-inspired spread.

kuvo singapore-1904

KUVO Atlantic Cod Meuniere ($20)

Pea-encrusted cod medallion with pearl barley fricassee. The cod fish was very oily and tender, sweet and pleasant upon bite. I personally felt that the toppings and pairings of ingredients were a good contrast of flavours in bringing out the richness of the cod meat.

After starters, this is where the party gets started with a bevy of food and cocktails to go along.

Mains + Cocktail pairings

kuvo singapore-1918

Slipper Lobster ($15), Hello Cel’lo ($21)

Sauteed slipper lobster with habanero, bell peppers as well as the  Hello Cel’lo — made with Bankes London Dry Gin, limoncello liqueur, celery bitters and balsamico. The entire dish has a curry spice flavour to it and really reminds me of kebab with the peppers, although meat from the slipper lobster is rather limited.

kuvo singapore-1946

Kurobuta Yakiniku Donburi ($16), Tales of Shu ($21)

This particular dish, with its hot cocktail pairing, Tales of Shu, creates a warm, fuzzy feeling inside kinda like how you would under a kotatsu (wooden table frame covered by a futon)

Cutting up the egg with a tablespoon unveils a smooth and delectable ooze of the soft-cooked egg yolk. The showstopper of this dish, however, lies in the cocktail drink – Tales of Shu.

kuvo singapore-1949

The warm infused sake mix is prepared in a syphon coffee maker, typically used for filter coffee but artfully repurposed.

kuvo singapore-1952

The Tales of Shu is made from freshly prepared genmai tea, sake, Lillet Blanc, along with fresh orange peels that were all warmed from the syphon maker to release immense aroma and flavour. A warm, tropical fruity taste that gives a heartwarming sensation to the diner, the drink packs a hearty punch too.

Just a caution to light drinkers, you may find the drink a bit to the pungent side especially with fumes rising from the heat.

kuvo singapore-1932

English Scotch Egg ($14), Captain B.R. ($21)

The scotch egg is an ideal comfort food item for a British picnic. Served with melted edam cheese and red wine onion au jus, how could anyone resist eggs, cheese and beef?

The English Scotch Egg makes an exquisite British team with the classic flavour of Captain B.R. — which stands for British Rum. The cocktail contains rum infused with earl grey tea, fresh lemon and soda water.

kuvo singapore-1925

The Earl Grey tea flavour is still prominent enough, bringing out the whole English experience in one sitting.

kuvo singapore-1935

Wagyu & Camembert Sliders ($17), Green Iceland ($21)

Paired together, both the sliders as well as the cocktail drink vividly interweaves the concept of East meets West. The Japanese wagyu within the sliders has a French Camembert cheese topping, portobello as well as cheese rolls as its accompanying ingredients. This is an amazingly good patty.

kuvo singapore-1936

The Asian deep fried shrimp wonton was topped with a good marrying of truffle cream and wasabi mayonnaise. It was a delightful amalgamation of a variety of taste.

kuvo singapore-1948

The Green Iceland is a cocktail made from Kuvo’s very own Antica Fratta sparkling wine, Japanese Umeshu, lime, brown sugar and mint leaves, I enjoyed this drink which brought about a fruity, refreshing sensation blended an impeccable degree of mix.

kuvo singapore-1912

Kuvo Coffee Hot Wings ($14), Brewski Yen ($21)

A classic hit from KUVO’s previous menu before its revamp, KUVO now gives the standard bar favourites a twist — by pairing its chicken wings with head bartender Yutaka Nakashima’s beer cocktail, the Brewski Yen.

kuvo singapore-1909

The Brewski Yen has the thirst-quenching effect of Kirin beer, along with an added zest of Suze, lemon and ginger ale. I personally felt that it had a strong, bitter overall taste (it is beer afterall). Nonetheless, the acidity of the beer and ginger kick is a good balance to the spiciness of the wings.

kuvo singapore-1888

On the whole, I had a wonderful experience dining and chilling out here at Kuvo, and I am very much pleased with their casual tapas and bespoke cocktails.

I had found the drink pairings rich and flavourful in terms of taste, and pairings with dishes seemed very suitable and interesting in bringing out the marriage of French and Asian infused zest for each dish.

In terms of drinks, you’re in great hands with head bartender Yutaka Nakashima manning the bar. I mean, these guys craft ice spheres by hand to present that perfect cocktail.

I’d recommend this bar for a good Friday night chill-out with colleagues and friends.

Expected Damage: $30 – $60 per pax

KUVO Singapore: Orchard Shopping Centre, #02-01, 321 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238866 | Tel: +65 67338272 | Facebook