Renowned bakery Le Matin Patisserie opens new outlet in ION Orchard with brunch & dinner menu

Le Matin Patisserie is a reputable name, especially during our lockdown days when we became a pastry-crazed community. They are known for luxurious bakes and airy pastries, which is probably why the crowd went wild. Baking in ION Orchard, Le Matin Patisserie will be serving elegance on a plate with their new brunch and dinner menus. They will be opening their doors on 1 Feb 2023.

Le Matin ION 1

I remember myself frantically trying to order a box of glossy pastries from its Raeburn Park outlet because of how popular they were. After tasting them, their popularity was warranted because of how much I enjoyed them.

To compare both outlets, the newest one at ION Orchard has a touch of class to it. Washed in colours of gold and white, their set up here is sophisticated and glamourised.

Le Matin ION 2

Right at the store front is the long stretch of pastries that will leave the pastry-lovers going wild. First to greet you are their savoury best sellers: the Escargot Escargot (S$13) and Wagyu & Bone Marrow Sausage Roll (S$16).

Al-Matin (where the brand name came from) is the pastry chef who helms the operations behind the whole patisserie brand. He trained at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, a prestigious cooking school that originates from Paris— a gourmet city known for its exquisite treats. Now you know where Matin gets his skills from. 

Le Matin ION 3

The inauguration of their new outlet was accompanied by a new menu with premium flavours, with one of the items being the Black Truffle Scrambled Eggs Croissant (S$34). Think of a scrambled egg burger, except your buns are replaced by a flaky pastry that elevate the burger ten times more. This croissant burger was topped off with 8 grams of black truffle, so you’re in for a premium time.

Le Matin ION 4

The next dish might seem familiar to those who’ve regularly patronised Le Matin. This is their Seafood Pot Pie (S$24), which isn’t new to the menu. While this might seem small from the outside, would you believe me if I said that this dish includes 7 different types of seafood?

As much as that sounds, it wasn’t as fishy as I thought it would be. In fact, the buttery pastry worked pleasantly well with the seafood flavours. Exquisite!

Le Matin ION 5

Le Matin ION 6

I would choose to have beef everyday if I could, but I can only dream. Introducing their Wagyu Brioche Feuiletée, one of their signatures and the most exciting plate in their brunch menu. I chose to have a bite of the MB5 wagyu on its own first, and wow… This melted immediately in my mouth. If I could eat the protein on its own, I would, but lucky for me, the dish was already very generous with its portions and included many slices.

For S$38, you’re paying for a quality experience. They also have a chutoro version, which I will definitely try the next time I’m here.

Le Matin ION 7

How could I come to Le Matin Patisserie without having their pastries or desserts? The renown patisserie brings in a new inclusion to their amazing pastries: the Sake Lees Choux Bun (S$14). Layers of gracefully piped cream topped with yuzu bits envelop the macadamia praline centre in the choux bun. For those who fancy creamy desserts, this could be the one for you. Note that this includes alcohol!

You’re in for a luxurious meal when you’re here at Le Matin’s ION Orchard outlet. While they have a dinner menu prepared for you, they are currently still in the midst of making it more concise. However, you can check with the front-of-house for the availability of dinner courses for that day.

Regardless, you’ll still be able to enjoy their stretch of decadent bakes at any time, as well as their brunch menu too!

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Le Matin Patisserie

2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #B2-49, Singapore 238801

Le Matin Patisserie

2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #B2-49, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)
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