LiHO Launches New Drinks Made From Famous Da Jia’s Taro With Playful Unicorn Pearls

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Credit – LiHO

With all the delicious creations that LiHO has served up in Singapore, loyal fans can expect another adorable, playful addition. LiHO brings us the new lineup of Taro Drinks-Dajia Taro Fresh Milk (S$6.30 with Unicorn Pearls), Dajia Taro Coconut Milk (S$6.90 with Unicorn Pearls) and Dajia Taro Matcha Latte (S$6.90 with Unicorn Pearls)

Wondering what’s inside each drink? Let’s take a look. 

Both the Dajia Taro Fresh Milk and Dajia Taro Matcha Latte have taro paste incorporated into the drink. As for the Dajia Taro Coconut Milk, it is made by blending taro and coconut milk. Additionally, a delicious serving of sago balls is always added to the Dajia Taro Coconut Milk

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The taro imported from Dajia district in Taichung is known for its robust flavours. It’s so popular that there’s even a museum dedicated to them, known as Ah-Tsung-Shih Taro Culture Museum.

Liho Online
Credit – LiHO

LiHO uses only freshly-steamed taro, which is peeled and smashed immediately. This way, much of the freshness is retained for the drinks. 

In addition to the three taro drinks, LiHO also launched the Unicorn Pearls that may be added to any of the taro drinks. The Unicorn Pearls is a mixture of pearls of different colours and flavours. Appealing to the eye, it makes for great camera shots.

The different flavours include the original Dajia taro, purple potato, beetroot, matcha and sweet potato. 

I’m personally not a taro fan but I wouldn’t mind trying out the Unicorn Pearls because of how adorable they look! Have you tried out the pearls and the new drink flavours yet? 

Dates & Times: Now available at all outlets 

Prices: S$6.30 – S$6.90 per drink