新式 Lobster & Seafood Bee Hoon: Gorge On Hearty Plates Of Bee Hoon At This New Stall At Newton Food Centre

Last Updated: July 3, 2017

Written by Sherryl Cheong

新式 Lobster & Seafood Bee Hoon is a recent addition to Newton Food Centre, the home of many famous hawker stalls. After merely a month of operation, its plates of seafood goodness has already garnered substantial hype.

You can find a slide show with throngs of satisfied customers on the screen at the store front, which was impressive considering that the store is rather new. We were raring to go and give our taste buds a treat!

We ordered the Lobster Seafood Bee Hoon ($28), Crayfish Seafood Bee Hoon ($16) and Scallop Bee Hoon ($21). Each plate of seafood comes with prawns, clams and a special final ingredient — clams, crayfish or lobster— sitting atop a bed of white rice vermicelli noodles or bee hoon. 

Our mouths started watering the moment we laid our eyes on the Lobster Seafood Bee Hoon ($28). This is the priciest dish on the menu but it was so worth it because every element of the dish was extremely tasty.

Some parts of the lobster were a little mushy but the great flavour of the bee hoon certainly made up for that. Spice lovers would also relish tasting the chilli prepared by the stall, for it certainly added a sour kick that enhanced the dish.

The Crayfish Seafood Bee Hoon ($16 for one crayfish; $21 for two crayfish) was definitely also a highlight of our meal, and it is no surprise that this dish is currently the stall’s best seller.

The crustaceans are handpicked from a wet market daily and the freshness of the crayfish was evident from how sweet it tasted when we sunk our teeth into the tender flesh. The roe of the crayfish added a contrast in texture to the dish and the accompanying soup was equally delicious.

The prawns and clams played supporting roles in the dishes that we ordered but certainly held their own. The prawns were fresh and cooked beautifully. There were some grit in a few of the clams but most of them were cleaned well and tasted delightfully succulent.

The Scallop Seafood Bee Hoon ($13) was the most affordable dish that we tried but it did not lose out to the aforementioned dishes. The essence of the scallops was slightly lost in the broth with a prominent taste of cabbage coming through instead, but the scallops were sizeable and chewy.

Don’t be mistaken, all three bowls of the accompanying broths are not identical. In fact, each broth is unique to the dish that it is served with. The broth of each dish is separated from the seafood and bee hoon after the latter has soaked up the glorious flavours of the seafood and soup base.

The rich flavours packed in the small bowl of broth is from natural ingredients as no MSG seasoning is used. The main ingredients used for the base of the broth are chicken, carrots, onions, lobster and prawn heads.

I would suggest bringing a friend along with you to try the dishes! Five of us shared the three plates and we left quite a mess on the table after devouring everything, a sure sign of satisfaction. If you’re eating alone though, fret not because you can get the cheapest dish on the menu which is the Seafood Bee Hoon at an affordable price of $7.80.

I’m sure that the stall is on the right track to being a crowd favourite, with its generous portions and savoury dishes. The next time you’re at Newton Food Centre and you’re swamped with choices, check out this stall and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Expected damage: $7.80 – $28 

新式 Lobster & Seafood Bee Hoon: Newton Food Centre #01-58, Singapore 229495 | Tel: +65 8228 8444 | Facebook | Instagram

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