Loco Loco: Get Your Hands On Colourful Handmade Churros With Unique Localised Flavours At Northpoint Shopping Centre

You’ve probably heard of Loco Loco if you’re a regular at annual food bazaars or even pasar malams in Singapore. Indeed, the churros speciality kiosk that was once a pop-up affair has now been converted into a permanent brick-and-mortar store at Northpoint shopping centre in Yishun.

What sets them apart from other similar food kiosks is the fact that all the churros here are handmade from scratch without relying on any form of machinery. In fact, all the signature flavours are designed and crafted in-house, as well.

Priding themselves in localised flavours, the team at Loco Loco has come up with a vibrant selection of five signatures including Original ($4.90), Oreo ($5.50), Ondeh Ondeh ($5.50), Chilli Crab ($5.90) and Salted Egg Yolk Churros ($5.90).

To begin with, we had the Ondeh Ondeh Churros ($5.60) that were coated with cinnamon sugar and doused in gula melaka sauce. As a final touch, it was also topped with a generous amount of freshly grated coconut.

The pandan-infused churros were by far my favourite offering on the menu as this rendition really did taste like the local kueh. Each churro was also notably crisp on the outside and wasn’t soggy despite being drenched in gula melaka.

Opting for yet another local flavour, we also had the Chilli Crab Churros ($5.90). Unlike the Ondeh Ondeh which was green from the pandan flavouring, these are original churros that are covered with a savoury chilli crab meat and sauce.

The chunks of crab meat were a real delight to have, but I wished that the sauce was more evenly piled on so the churros at the bottom could be coated too. Other than that, the original churros were great on their own! 

Lastly, we ordered the Salted Egg Yolk Churros ($5.90) that seemed to be one of the more popular picks at the stall. Like the Chilli Crab, this was a savoury version with the addition of salted egg yolk sauce and dashes of curry leaves.

After sampling the three different flavours, we concluded that the churros were indeed well-prepared. Judging by the fact that they were much denser in texture, this definitely reigns over the more hollow alternatives you’d find elsewhere. 

To quench your thirst, go for the Thai Milk Green Tea ($2.50 for small, $4 for large) which is freshly brewed using Cha Tra Mue Thai green tea leaves.

While this can be ordered a la carte, do note that you only need to top up an additional $1.50 with every food order.

With fresh churros being made on the spot and new flavours constantly experimented with, patrons of Loco Loco are sure to be treated to something special each time they visit. 

And the best part is, you don’t have to wait till the next food bazaar to get your hands on these sweet and savoury treats!

Expected Damage: $4.90 – $5.90 per pax

Loco Loco: Northpoint #B1-41, Yishun Avenue 2, Singapore 769098 | Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10pm | Tel: 8484 0087 | Website | Facebook

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