TendonGo!: Enjoy This Authentic Tempura Don With Deep Fried Ramen Egg At Only $9.80 In Tanglin

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I daresay the best Tempura Don has arrived on the shores of Singapore. As a matter of fact, I might even eat a hat if you could find another restaurant that serves a Tendon of this standard at $9.80.

Newly opened in the food court of Gleneagles Hospital at Tanglin, TendonGo! serves up authentic Japanese dishes at affordable prices daily, such as its speciality dish – the Tendon.

TendonGo! Gleneagles Hospital Sg 2
Scooping out the freshly fried tempura

Available in three sizes: light ($8.80), regular ($9.80), and mega ($11.80), the tempura don consists of deep fried dory, shrimp, lady’s fingers, lotus root, carrot, sweet potato, and even a ramen egg. These ingredients are sourced directly from Japanese farms to ensure their freshness, as well as to keep the cost price low.

The batter of most tempura dishes I’ve tried tends to be a little too hard, which often cuts the roof of my mouth, but this. Friends, this is life changing.

TendonGo! Gleneagles Hospital Sg 3
I’ve got hot sauce in my bag, swag.

Why stop at the stars when you can get the moon, right? The tempura is drizzled with Chef Takahiko’s special blend of tempura sauce, which elevates the dish to yet another level. The key difference between the sauce here and others is the chilli extract it contains.

Combine the flavourful sauce with the airy crisp of the tempura, and you get a meld of different textures instead of the plain old crispy.

TendonGo! Gleneagles Hospital Sg 4
Just look at the yolk oozing out of this ramen egg!

Unlike most places that may use plain soft boiled eggs for their tempura, TendonGo! uses ramen eggs that are marinated one night before the day it is served.

If it sounds like the don is bursting with flavours, that’s because it is. Each ingredient in the Tendon is prepared in a way that brings out its best flavour and texture without overshadowing the other ingredients.


Serving up authentic Japanese dishes containing quality ingredients with equally skilled preparation (and pretty much a perfected recipe), TendonGo! is a must-try especially if you’re in the area. It is also just a convenient five-minute walk from the Tanglin Gate at Botanic Gardens!

To quote a friend: “The food is so heavenly, it needs to be in a hospital to resuscitate you back to earth.” Yea, that’s pushing it a little but really, you just have to head down to try the dish to find out for yourself.

Expected Damage: $2–$13.80 per pax

TendonGo!: 6A Napier Road, Gleneagles Hospital, #02-21/22, Singapore 258500 | Opening Hours: 7am–10pm daily | Tel: +65 9654 8612 | Facebook

*This article was brought to you in partnership with TendonGo!