Satisfy Your Churro Cravings With Long John Silver’s Cinnamon Sugar Churros Before The Year Ends

Churros are quite a rare sight in Singapore nowadays, especially when it is not as trendy as brown sugar milk tea, and mala snacks.

How about ending the year with some deep-fried goodness, conveniently within reach at Long John Silver’s Singapore?

Long John Silver Churros online 2

Their Cinnamon Sugar Churros (S$2.90) comes in six pieces, with an option to add Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce for just S$1.

If the prices don’t seem appealing to you, fret not as Long John Silver’s is currently offering digital coupons for the Cinnamon Sugar Churros!

Long John Silver Online

Flash this coupon to get a dollar off from the usual price, which lands you with having to only fork out S$2.90 for both six pieces of Cinnamon Sugar Churros as well as the Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce!

Long John Silver online 3

Another savoury snack alternative to the Cinnamon Sugar Churros is their Clam Chowder, which is available in two sizes, 5oz & 10oz.

Have it a la carte or with two pieces of garlic toast!

Long John Silver Online 4

The Clam Chowder has a promotion as well—just flash this coupon to get 10oz of a la carte Clam Chowder at S$2.10!

Grab your churros before the year ends!

Dates & Times: Cinammon Sugar Churros available till 31 December 2019 at all Long John Silver’s outlets

 Prices: From S$2.90 onwards