Lotteria: Limited Edition Sakura-Infused Burger & Pie In Japan This Spring 2017

Last Updated: February 20, 2017

Written by Cheryl Tan

Lotteria Spring 2017 Menu-ONLINE-2

This is the season for all things cherry blossom and pink, so Lotteria has come up with new food items for their chain of fast food restaurants in Japan!

When you’re there do try its Sakura Mochi Mochi An Pie (‎‎¥180, approximately S$2.30), or the Sakura Tartar Ebi Prawn Burger (‎¥380, approximately S$4.80). The pie consists of a sweet red bean filling and a pretty pink crust with sakura flavouring, while the burger has a fried prawn patty sandwich between sakura flavoured buns.

This reminds me quite a bit of the ebi burger from McDonald’s, but a little bit of research dug up the fact that Lotteria was actually the first fast food restaurant to come up with the shrimp burger in 1977, and McDonald’s and MOS Burger only came up with their own after that!

Lotteria Spring 2017 Menu-ONLINE-1

If you’re headed to Japan in spring for the cherry blossoms, why not check out Lotteria and their variety of new menu items, including a Milk Pudding Strawberry Shake and other strawberry flavoured drinks too!

Lotteria Spring 2017 Menu: Available at Lotteria outlets in Japan | Website

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