Highly-Anticipated Jay Chou’s Favourite Bubble Tea Brand Machi Machi Opens At Bugis On 18 Jan

Machi Machi Opening 1

The wait is finally over! The long-awaited and highly-anticipated Machi Machi will open its doors to the public on 18 January 2020 at 25 Arab Street.

Jay Chou fans are in for a treat, because Machi Machi is apparently Jay Chou’s favourite bubble tea brand. 

Machi Machi Opening 2

The store has a lovely simple design with adorable pastel-hued chairs at the front where customers can sit and sip on their drinks. The interior also features the Machi Machi brand’s classic line “I love you so machi” and customers can take their Instagrammable shots with the neon sign. 

Machi Machi Opening 9

Prior to their opening in Singapore, Machi Machi has made its name in the Taipei East district with its hand-shaken drinks going viral, making it one of the newest and most trendy hotspots. 

With an extensive list of drinks available at Machi Machi, you might have a difficult time trying out everything. Fret not, because I’ll be sharing about my top favourite drinks at Machi Machi—and hopefully you’ll make them your favourites too. 

Machi Machi Opening 6

First, we have the Cheese Milk Foam series. The cream cheese that’s layered over the drinks is flown in from New Zealand and is blended with fresh butter from Japan and fresh milk from Liuying, Tainan. Sounds pretty delicious to me already. 

Machi Machi takes the milk foam creation very seriously and makes it fresh daily for customers to enjoy. The process requires constant monitoring of temperature and humidity. And the finished product is a smooth creamy foam!

Machi Machi Opening 3

I tried the Cream Cheese Foam Oolong Tieguanyin Tea (S$5.50) that was a balance of rich oolong tieguanyin tea and cream. Tieguanyin is a variety of Chinese oolong tea that originated in the 19th century from Anxi in the Fujian province. 

The tea had a slightly floral flavour with a sweet, and velvety texture. The cream cheese also gave the drink an overall light and creamy finish and the flavours paired very well together. 

Machi Machi Opening 5

The other drink that we tried from the Cheese Milk Foam series is the Blueberry & Strawberry Smoothie with Cream Cheese Foam (S$8). Machi Machi’s eye for precision is clearly seen in this drink as they have specific numbers for each berry that they incorporate into the drink.

Using a smoothie made from twelve fresh blueberries and five strawberries, the special tea base brings out the fragrance of the fruit, producing a fully natural and fresh taste. This drink was definitely my favourite out of all the drinks, making me crave more after each sip. 

Machi Machi Opening 7

The other drinks that I’d recommend getting are these delicious ones in Machi Machi’s minimalistic bottles. These drinks are a classic for those who have visited Machi Machi’s other outlets. Many customers post photos with and of these bottles on Instagram.

I am a big fan of these bottles too, and I’ve actually kept one for myself after finishing the drink!

Machi Machi Opening 4

Here we have the Jasmine Green Tea with Plum Jello (S$6) which is a combination of freshly-extracted jasmine green tea and tart Meishu plum from Meishan.

The jello was smooth and jiggly, and together with the soothing tea, it’s the perfect drink to refresh yourself and counter the hot weather in Singapore. 

Machi Machi Opening 8

If you’re a fan of milk tea, you have to try the Black Milk Tea with Panna Cotta (S$7.50). The drink is made with red tea from Sun Moon Lake and fresh milk from Liuying, Tainan.

The combination of the two teas produces a strong, robust flavour that I absolutely fell in love with. The smooth panna cotta was probably my favourite part of the drink. Who knew you could not only eat panna cotta on its own, but also as a drink topping?

Even though it is quite pricy for a milk tea drink, I felt like it really exceeded my expectations. I’d definitely go back for another bottle! 

I can’t wait to head back to get the Blueberry & Strawberry Smoothie with Cream Cheese Foam! Out of all the drinks listed, which drinks would you like to try? 

Dates & Times: Opens on 18 January 2020 at 25 Arab Street 

Prices: S$5.50 – S$8 per drink

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Machi Machi

25 Arab Street, Singapore 199724

Our Rating 5/5

Machi Machi

25 Arab Street, Singapore 199724

Operating Hours: 12pm - 9pm (Mon to Fri), 11am - 9pm (Sat & Sun)

Operating Hours: 12pm - 9pm (Mon to Fri), 11am - 9pm (Sat & Sun)