New Magnum Luxe Chocolate Cake Batter Elevates Treat Time to Indulgence

Magnum has come up with yet another pair of decadent flavours under their Magnum Luxe range to take indulgence to a higher level.

Check out the Chocolate Cake Batter and Raspberry Panna Cotta for bricks of layered goodness (S$10.90 per box of three).

Magnum Luxe New 1

Magnum Luxe New 5

The Raspberry Panna Cotta is a fruity and velvety mix of ice cream, raspberry sauce and chocolate layers. A white chocolate shell encases it all. Break into the chocolate shell for a burst of thick raspberry sauce mingling with smooth ice cream.

Savour the cold and sweet panna cotta ice cream core against that satisfying crunch of the chocolate shell. As everything begins to melt a little, the exterior chocolate further thickens the mixture and adds a little more milkiness to it.

While I’m not a huge fan of thick creamy desserts, the mildly tangy raspberry gave it a contrasting punch, which I appreciated. If you’re one for a berry and cream combination, the Raspberry Panna Cotta might be just right for you.

Magnum Luxe New 7

Being more of a chocolate person, I was pleased to hear that the new Magnum Luxe includes Chocolate Cake Batter. We always hear of desserts incorporating cookie dough, but seldom cake batter. I was very curious to see how chocolate cake batter figures here.

This ice cream involves vanilla ice cream centre surrounded by a thick and luscious chocolate cake batter flavoured sauce, complete with a chocolate and cookie shell.

I must admit that the chocolate cake batter sauce did not taste very remarkable compared to regular chocolate sauce. Nevertheless, it still went very well with the vanilla.

The best part of this ice cream was definitely the chocolate and cookie shell. I was pleasantly surprised to bite into what I’d initially thought were chopped almonds. Instead, the cookie pieces added a much needed airy crunch against the creamy mixture.

Magnum Luxe New 4

Both Magnum Luxe Chocolate Cake Batter and Raspberry Panna Cotta are available for online purchase on RedMart now. They come in boxes of three at S$10.90 per box, and are great for sharing.

Magnum Luxe New 8

Also, while stocks last, redeem a limited edition The Paper Bunny for Magnum re-usable shopping bag with two Magnum 3s/4s multipacks purchases.

Pamper yourself with the intensely decadent Raspberry Panna Cotta and Chocolate Cake Batter ice creams. True to Magnum’s branding as a bringer of gastronomic pleasure, you’ll feel decidedly spoiled once you’ve tried them.

Date & Time: Now available for delivery via RedMart

Price: S$10.90 per box of three