Get A Taste Of Thailand With Maki-San’s New Tom Yummy Roll Now Available Till 17 Mar

Ready for some new fusion food? Maki-San has rolled out an all-new Tom Yummy Roll (S$11.90)!

If you haven’t already guessed, this new sushi roll is supposed to taste like tom yum. Since Singaporeans love both tom yum and sushi, we decided to give it a try and see how good it really is.

Maki San Tom Yummy Roll Online 1

The Tom Yummy Roll comes neatly packaged in the usual gorgeous Maki-San box. Although tom yum usually has a distinct pungent smell, I couldn’t really smell the familiar scent of lemongrass.

Apart from the usual sushi ingredients, the roll also contains tempura prawn, tempura enoki, and tom yum sauce. I expected this dish to have a spicy and sour kick, but I was sorely disappointed with the first bite.

Maki San Tom Yummy Roll 1

The distinct tom yum flavour was definitely missing. Instead of a spicy and sour kick, I could only taste strong and pungent ginger notes.

Honestly, if I were to eat this without knowing that it should taste like tom yum, I wouldn’t guess that it contained tom yum.

Of course, the sushi roll didn’t taste bad. It still had the usual freshness with a decent crunchy texture, just that it lacked the tom yum flavour that was advertised.

Given the affordable price, this dish is still worth a try.

Dates & Times: Now available till 17 March 2019 (at all Maki-San outlets)

Price: S$11.90 



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