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Pasta Supremo: DIY Handmade Fusion Pasta With Lup Cheong & Other Fusion Dishes In Suntec City

Just when I thought that recent fusion food inventions were mind-blowing enough, I chanced upon Pasta Supremo located in Suntec Convention Centre. They take fusion food to...

Sweeten Your Day With LiHo’s New Taro Soy Latte Series Now Available At Selected LiHo Outlets

If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love LiHo's new Taro Soy Latte Series. They're introducing the Original Taro Soy Latte (S$5.30/Medium, S$6.30/Large) and the Blossom Taro Soy Latte...

Starbucks New Sakura Rose Frappuccino & Other Fruity Coffee Beverages Now Available

Coffee lovers can rejoice and add more choices into your list of caffeine fixes with Starbucks's new trio of coffee beverages. They include Sakura Rose Frappuccino, Triple...

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