Starbucks New Sakura Rose Frappuccino & Other Fruity Coffee Beverages Now Available

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Coffee lovers can rejoice and add more choices into your list of caffeine fixes with Starbucks’s new trio of coffee beverages. They include Sakura Rose FrappuccinoTriple Citrus Cold Brew and Cascara Macchiato available from 20 February 2019 onwards.

Starbucks Fruity Coffee 1

The Cascara Macchiato boasts the addition of the unfamiliar cascara, which, essentially is a dried coffee cherry. Along with the addition of espresso and a trace of Turkish coffee.

I tried my hardest to detect the presence of the cascara but to no avail. Though, I did pick up a subtle sweetness. However, I brushed it off quickly, thinking it might just be the sugary syrup. Overall, this just tasted like a regular macchiato.

Starbucks Fruity Coffee 3

Ooh! Check out the smooth accents of orange on the Triple Citrus Cold Brew. The trio of lemon, lime and grapefruit makes this the perfect refreshment.

The fruity flavours were apparent in this one, followed by the rich coffee aftertaste. Though unorthodox, the pairing of the citrus fruits and coffee was really smooth on the taste buds.  This is one drink that beat the heat and melt your woes away.

Starbucks Fruity Coffee 2

The Sakura Rose Mocha is an interesting one as it is hard to visualise rose and mocha together. I picture it to taste like a chocolatey bandung. Though, I wonder if the coffee or rose flavour will edge out more.

Indeed, the robust rose flavour shone through and it tasted like what I imagined it to be, which I predict will get in the good books of women for its floral notes.

With the unusual combination of flavours in these new drinks, Starbucks is really stepping out of their comfort zone and I believe there will be a controversial opinion for each of these drinks. Let us know if it was a hit or miss for you.

Date & Time: Available from 20 February 2019 onwards at all Starbucks outlets

Prices: S$5 – S$9 per drink depending on the size

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