Pasta Supremo: DIY Handmade Fusion Pasta With Lup Cheong & Other Fusion Dishes In Suntec City

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Just when I thought that recent fusion food inventions were mind-blowing enough, I chanced upon Pasta Supremo located in Suntec Convention Centre. They take fusion food to the next level by combining all sorts of culinary styles. From Japanese ingredients to Sichuan styles, you name it, they have it.

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The walls were decorated with youthful murals, with the playful usage of pinks in their logo and drawings. It actually made me think of a trendy Japanese cafe!

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The man behind this restaurant is Mr Shawn Kishore, who is also the owner of popular Taiwanese zi char restaurant, The Salted Plum. Pasta Supremo prides itself on providing quality food at affordable prices. Not only that, their food is rather Insta-worthy, which is a concept that Mr Shawn firmly believes in.

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Mr Shawn is a really quirky person. To select the best chefs for the restaurant, he got them to drink some booze before asking them to cook. Taking it a step further, he pressures them while they cook to ensure that they are able to work under stress. If you thought Gordon Ramsay was harsh, think again.

What’s shocking is that Mr Shawn owns a pasta restaurant despite having a gluten allergy. Armed with his arsenal of allergy pills, he patrols regularly to try the dishes to ensure that they are up to par. Now, that’s real dedication!

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Most of the ingredients are made in-house to ensure the freshest quality. The pastas are made in two batches, one for the lunch hour and another one for the dinner crowds. They are then placed in a corner of the kitchen to air-dry.

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Diners are guaranteed a gastronomic experience, and the food is also great for the ‘gram.

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Pasta Supremo offers three types of pasta: long, short and curly. Available in vibrant hues of yellow, blue, purple and black, the pasta is naturally coloured with ingredients such as egg yolk, blue pea flower, beetroot and activated charcoal.

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Mr Shawn is a firm believer in having fun while enjoying pasta. To liven things up, Pasta Supremo encourages diners to build their own pasta.

With unorthodox ingredients like haus bacon and tobiko roe, you can construct a quirky delicacy to please your tastebuds.

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Whether you spend modestly or pay through your nose, you’re guaranteed a unique experience with no compromising on quality. Pasta Supremo also advises diners on suitable garnishes to pair with their selected main ingredient to form an impeccable pasta combination.

Mr Shawn doesn’t want to just stick to mainstream fusion foods like salted egg yolk pasta as he believes it’s lazy to just throw the ingredient in without any innovation or skill. He strongly believes in putting his own twist to the cuisine.

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His sentiments are echoed in the dish Stuff On Bread. Slices of toasted sourdough are blanketed with toppings like Avocado & Feta (S$4.50)Bak Kwa Jam (S$5), Mushroom & Black Truffle Cream (S$4) and Cheesy Cheese AF (S$5).

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My favourite has got to be the Bak Kwa Jam (S$5). As a bak kwa fanatic, I enjoyed the meaty flavour of this dish. The fragrant shallots and spring onions added a delightful spicy kick that lingered in my mouth. Even though the texture resembled bacon more than bak kwa, it still hit the right spot.

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I was delighted when I tried their 300 Day Grain Fed Fatty Wagyu (S$15). Who could resist Australian wagyu short plate topped with sesame dressing and a touch of Japanese pickles and spring onions?

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This dish is a playful interpretation of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. The sauce reminded me of typical Chinese food, probably due to sesame oil and shallots, yet there was also Japanese pickles for a refreshing tangy taste.

The beef was wonderfully torched until caramelised, leaving a wonderful singed fatty layer. I’d definitely recommend you to order this dish.

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It’s a pasta speciality restaurant, so we simply had to try the pasta, starting with the Supremo Pork Marinara (S$15). This dish came with long activated charcoal pasta, a massive pork meatball, haus bacon and tomato sauce. Definitely a hearty meal for one!

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I appreciated the substantial thickness of the al dente black pasta, giving a chewy texture without the dreaded starchy taste.

I was slightly overwhelmed by how much meat the pasta came with. The sauce and bacon were lovely, with the strong meaty flavours adding some unami to the pasta.

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The bacon was one-of-a-kind; the thin slices were surprisingly juicy with a good bite and went well with the tangy marinara sauce.

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Damn, look at the size of that meatball! This substantial meatball is uniquely composed of 70% pork and 30% beef, along with five different spices as seasoning, and 24-month-old Parmesan cheese.

Though it tasted good, I was slightly disappointed as it was a little too tough. Bigger isn’t always better, because the size of this meatball actually made it less palatable for me.

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The ingredients in their Prawn Olio Olio (S$20) will blow your mind. The blue curly pasta is laced with Sichuan garlic oil made with green peppercorns. Succulent garlic tiger prawns, lup cheong crumble and glistening tobiko add some savoury flavour to the dish.

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Hands down, this was one of my favourites at Pasta Supremo. The addition of lup cheong and Sichuan oil was an ingenious one that gave the dish robust Asian flavours. Mala lovers will definitely appreciate this twist on the classic aglio olio.

I loved how the lup cheong and tobiko added a different textural dimension to the dish.

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I was stuffed from all the food but there’s always space for dessert right? The Pistachio Creme (S$6) looked unassuming, served in a plain cup.

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Refreshingly light and sweet, this was the perfect end to the meal. The pistachio layer had a sugary and buttery fragrance that was light on the palate. I also enjoyed the creamy consistency of the crème brûlée.

Pasta Supremo provided an interesting dining experience with so many fusion dishes that I never thought would be possible, though there were a few misses.

The lack of consistency is understandable, given that they’re only been operating for a short while, so hopefully they refine their menu.

But don’t let this discourage you from paying Pasta Supremo a visit, because the dishes are quite value-for-money.

Expected Damage: S$5 – S$20 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Pasta Supremo

3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-365/366/373/374, Singapore 038983, Singapore 038983

Our Rating 3/5

Pasta Supremo

3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-365/366/373/374, Singapore 038983, Singapore 038983

Telephone: +65 6909 8138
Operating Hours: 10am - 9.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6909 8138

Operating Hours: 10am - 9.30pm (Daily)

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