New Mi Goreng Loaded Fries By Milky Lane Now Available In Sydney, NSW

We all know how good of a comfort food mee goreng is. With its piquant flavours, it ranks among the top on people’s list of favourite food. Now, what if we combine it with another comfort food like french fries?

Milky Lane Online2

Well, Milky Lane in Sydney, New South Wales has innovatively paired both foods together and come up with the new Mi Goreng Loaded Fries!

Milky Lane Online 1

According to Milky Lane, the fries and egg are seasoned with the Indomie Mi Goreng seasoning, along with soy sauce, chilli sauce and garnished with noodle bits.

Kudos to Milky Lane for this innovative combination as I can vision the savouriness of the Indomie seasoning going well with crispy fries.

If any Singaporean eatery manages to come up with this dish, I will definitely be their first customer! After all, who wouldn’t mind trying this interesting food combination? What do you think of it?

Dates & Times: Available from now at all Milky Lane outlets

Prices: Check out the website for more information