Spice up the festive season with Mala Mala’s new Singapore Chilli Crab snack

After the introduction of their deep-fried fish skin and the savoury series of Scallop Man and Prawn Star, Singapore’s spiciest snack brand Mala Mala is back to numb our tastebuds this festive season with their latest product—Singapore Chilli Crab (S$25)

Mala Mala Chilli Crab 1

Inspired by Singapore’s iconic seafood dish, Mala Mala’s Singapore Chilli Crab snack is said to be filled with the authentically rich flavours of chilli crab together with an added kick of spice common to all their other mala snacks. 

Having enjoyed most of Mala Mala’s products (their spicy mushroom chips are literally da bomb), the mala lover in me just had to give this snack a try. Armed with a glass of iced water, I opened a packet from the box of four and bravely dug into the devilish-looking red and black pouch.

Mala Mala Chilli Crab 5

Specially made using mini sea crabs, Mala Mala’s Singapore Chilli Crab reminded me of the little crunchy Japanese hermit crab snacks I used to be so obsessed with. Unlike their international counterparts, Mala Mala’s version had a thicker batter coating the crabs, causing them to lose their overall crab-like appearance. Most of the claws and walking legs were also severed off, resulting in a sad-looking snack that lacked in terms of their Japanese equivalents’ beauty standards. 

Whilst improvements can be made to its appearance, taste-wise, this Singapore Chilli Crab was spot on. Every single piece was generously seasoned with Mala Mala’s very own aromatic concoction of spice mix, making them incredibly flavourful and fragrant. 

Mala Mala Chilli Crab 4

One bite into the snack and I was hit with a medley of sweet-savouriness followed by a punch of heat that was pleasantly spicy, yet not uncomfortably so. Mala fans might be slightly disappointed by the lack of oomph, but since this snack is meant to mimic that of a chilli crab dish, I am definitely not complaining. 

Mala Mala’s Singapore Chilli Crab is only available while stocks last this festive season. So, why not purchase a box in-stores or online to share before it’s sold out? This will surely be a snack that will warm you up this holiday period.

Date & Time: Now available for purchase in-stores and online

Price: S$25 for a box of four packets