Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes: Jazz Up Your 2017 Mid-Autumn Festival With Interesting Flavours Like Attap Seed Yam & Lychee Rose

It’s Mooncake Season again, and shops and restaurants are launching interesting flavours that are all packaged in pretty boxes. Marina Bay Sands (MBS) has definitely jumped on the bandwagon with its beautiful 2017 mooncake offering.

The newly-launched exquisite festive box can even be re-used as a jewellery box after you have finished the mooncakes. The packaging almost makes you feel like you’re opening an oriental treasure chest.

You’ll find the mooncakes elegantly presented in drawers, a sight that would wow any visitor to your home during this festive season.

Each box of four traditional mooncakes is priced at $74.90 and you can select from: Double Egg Yolk White Lotus Seed Paste, Lychee Rose, Caramel Lotus and Brown Sugar Longan Ginger Tea.

A box of eight mini snow skin mooncakes are priced at $72.75 and comes in Dark Chocolate Orange Grand Marnier, Salted Caramel Almond Crunch, Chewy Coconut & Cherry and Attap Seed & Yam.

Each traditional mooncake has a different pattern to signify the different flavour, and ‘Double-Yolk‘ is written on the mooncake of that particular flavour. As for the others, it will give your recipients a nice hidden delicious surprise!

The Double Egg Yolk White tasted the most traditional, with the saltiness of the egg yolk pairing very well with the slightly sweet lotus paste, and the melon seeds adding an extra crunch.

Mbs Mooncakes 2

Upon biting into the Lychee Rose, the main flavour I tasted was the lychee, with just a slight hint of rose taste coming through. I’m a super-fan of lychee though and really enjoyed this one in particular.

The Brown Sugar Longan Ginger Tea was a very interesting combination, with the mooncake tasting like Teh Halia. The bits of longan also added texture and sweetness, creating a wonderful flavour profile.

The Caramel Lotus Seed Paste was something different that needed a bit of getting used to. There was a toffee-like aftertaste following the lotus seed paste which is indeed unique.

If you’re a caramel-lover though, you should give this a try!

It is always nice to open a box of snow skin mooncakes, because this is where pastry chefs get very creative with blending various flavours and curating the unique stamp for the external appearance of the mooncakes.

Mbs Mooncakes 1

Attap seed lovers, rejoice! This year, MBS has introduced a new flavour called Attap Seed & Yam. This mooncake was surprisingly light on the palate and was part savoury, part sweet.

Definitely a flavour I would wish to have every year.

Being a chocolate lover, I couldn’t wait to tuck into the Dark Chocolate Orange Grand Marnier. The snow skin was perfectly mochi-like, encasing a decadent chocolate filling with a chocolate truffle centre. The chocolate stole the limelight though, and there was only a hint of orange (I’m not complaining).

If you’re a coconut lover, the Chewy Coconut & Cherry will do it for you. The coconut flavour stood out with it being creamier and milky rather than a light sorbet.

I finally dug into the Salted Caramel Almond Crunch and it tasted very similar to a chocolate bar. The combination of the almond bits inside and the chocolate and salted caramel reminded me of a snickers bar.

A total departure from the traditional mooncake, this will delight kids and even win over non-mooncake loving folks.

These mooncakes from Marina Bay Sands are challenging traditions (in a good way) and it was definitely an eye-opening experience to cut into them and be greeted with pretty interiors bursting with flavour. If you’re tired of having the same few flavours of mooncakes every year, the MBS mooncakes are here to shake things up a little.

All prices are inclusive of GST, and Sands Rewards members get a 20% discount while Citibank members are entitled to a 15% discount. You can order online or head to Marina Bay Sands Tower 3 to make your purchases!

Expected cost: $74.90 / $72.75 per box

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2017: Sweet Spot Hotel Lobby, Tower 3, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956 | Tel: +65 6688 8868 | Website

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Marina Bay Sands