McDonald’s just rolled out new yummy desserts & must-have Potato Head toys

Watch out, folks! McDonald’s Malaysia is stepping up its dessert game— even more so than with the recent chocolatey creation, the Ice Blended MILO with KitKat. Now, McDonald’s is using yummy Oreo cookies so forget your diet, cause this dessert is worth all the calories. Presenting the new Cookies & Cream Pie!

McDonald's - dessert

On 10 Nov 2022, McDonald’s Malaysia announced on its social media that the new pie is now available at all McDonald’s outlets in the country. The new offering consists of a warm crispy chocolate crust stuffed with a creamy filling. The other sweet treat to look forward to is the Choco Bits McFlurry made with creamy Hershey chocolate. Now, doesn’t it sound too good to resist?

McDonald's - burgers

But save the Cookies & Cream Pie for dessert, as the newly-released Spicy Grilled Chicken Burger— spicy revamp of the Grilled Chicken Burger is also here. It features a grilled chicken thigh patty and lettuce, topped with a spicy sauce. This burger truly packs a spicy kick with every bite, so be ready, fellow spice lovers.

McDonald's - toys

Lastly, get ready for the most amazing mash-up of your favourite characters from My Little Pony & Transformers combined with the spud-tastic Potato Head. Time to get collecting!

It’s truly an exciting time at McDonald’s so run to the nearest outlet today. We don’t how long it’ll be around, so better catch it while you can!

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