Fans Of The Golden Arches, Bid Farewell To McDonald’s Beloved Quarter Pounder From 6 Dec

McDonald’s has made an executive decision to bid farewell to a menu staple, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Discontinued from 6 December 2017 onwards, fans of the juicy meat burger will have to settle for the closest alternative which is The Original Angus burger.

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Online threads are already swarming with theories as to why the popular fast food chain decided to pull this seven-year menu staple from diners’ carb-loadin’ options, and many think it might have to do with its low sales in the Asian region.

On a Reddit thread, it has also revealed (from an ex-McDonald’s employee) that the Hamburger, Double Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, McDouble as well as the Big Mac all use the same meat, while the Quarter Pounder uses an exclusive thicker patty just for its burgers.

Quarter Pounder 3

As a result, it leads to longer cooking time, as well as little use for this special thicker patty apart from the Quarter Pounder burger.

In the end, we guess, it makes sense to scrap the idea altogether. However, in response to a personal inquiry by a Facebook user on McDonald’s official page, they claimed the reason for the discontinuation was due to the introduction of another similar upcoming beef burger that will use 100% Angus beef.

Oh well, we’ll just have to see what McDonald’s has up its sleeve and hope it lives up to the reputation of its now-terminated Quarter Pounder. Goodbye, and we’ll miss you.

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