ME@OUE: Singapore Fine Dining Restaurant Review

“3 Distinct Cuisines in 1 Fine-Dining restaurant”


Find a sense of space away from the bustling crowds of Singapore at the rooftop of OUE Bayfront along the historic Collyer Quay. Perched on top of the central business district, ME@OUE Bayfront dishes out 3 distinct styles of innovative cuisine: Japanese, French and Chinese, to complement the spectacular panoramic views of Marina Bay in all of its skyline glory.

me oue bayfront restaurant

You get a great view from OUE centre, and I bet the day lighting in ME@OUE would be magnificent. The restaurant interior is modern with a blend of wood and glass.

me@oue - squid ink croissant

Squid ink croissant. For starters, we had this odd looking charcoal-like bun that albeit looking very strongly flavoured, had a mild seafood aftertaste giving the bun a fuller finish.

ME @OUE Sashimi

Sashimi Platter ($48 per person). 5 types of premium sashimi slices including Otoro, Chutoro, Uni and Hotate. The Uni (Sea Urchin) and Otoro (Fat Tuna Belly) were especially creamy and just full of melt-in-your-mouth umami savor. Definitely a nice treat.

me@oue - thin sliced mangalica pork belly

Thin Sliced Mangalica Pork Belly ($26). Spicy garlic in Sze Chuan pepper sauce. Hairy Mangalica pigs have a higher fat content and they are thinly sliced so you don’t feel like you’re just eating lard. The light pepper sauce also serves to cut away the heavy mouth feel, making this a well designed dish.

me@oue - beef tartare

Beef Tartare ($28/48). Made with Australian Angus Striploin, Capers, Shallots, Tarragon parsley and Miso Paste. A mild finish and wasn’t too beefy in raw taste with that hit of miso at the back.

me@oue - shrimp salad

Shrimp Salad ($20). Fresh fruits, mixed salad tossed in Yuzu dressing. Crisp, plump prawns adding some meatiness to an otherwise boring salad.

me@oue - orient clams

Orient Clams ($24). Baked in Mont d’Or (French raw milk cheese) and Burgundy butter. These are giant Manila clams if I’m not wrong, which are not just enormous in size (just compare it to the fork beside), but in rich buttery sweetness too.

me@oue - red lobster

Red Lobster ($45). Chef Kentaro’s chilli sauce, Japanese Vinegar and Man Tou. I felt this was a bit mild on the chili sauce though, which is reminiscent of Singapore’s Chili crab style.

me@oue - amadai

Amadai ($78). Salt Grilled Tile Fish, deep fried yam, carrots, ginko nuts,  fresh sudachi, tempura sauce gelee. There is a simple elegance to this dish that is distinctively Japanese, showcasing the fish itself with minimal mild additions.

me@oue - bouillabaisse

Chef Yonemura’s Bouillabaisse ($58/$165). Contains mussels, Tile Fish, Madagascar prawns, scallops rouille, Tomato and fish broth. Extremely flavorful with oceanic notes, yet not overpowering in tomato sourness, this was definitely one of my favorite dishes of the night.

me@oue - wagyu

Charcoal Grilled Wagyu. There is a choice of A5 Saga Tenderloin ($175), or A3 Ohmi Striploin ($98). Frankly I prefered the A3 wagyu way better, which wasn’t just full of fat and had some semblance of beef taste. A5 was a bit too much for me and can get very monotonous, reaching decreasing marginal returns in taste, or ‘jelak-ness’.

me@oue - mapo tofu

Chef Kentaro’s Mapo Tofu ($20). Chef Kentaro is well-known for his Sze Chuan Japanese cuisine, which I tried also at Shisen Hanten. A subtle, unoily Mapo Tofu that goes well with Japanese rice, I myself am not a fan of tofu, but if I were, this would be a damn good tofu.

me@oue - profiteclair

Profit’eclaire ($14). Crunchy Choux, Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream, Valrhona Chocolate Sauce. A classic French sweet dessert with a blend of sweet chocolate and cold vanilla.


A Moment of Freshness ($14). Dark Chocolate Cremeux, Chocolate Genoa Sponge Biscuit, Fresh Peppermint Ice Cream. Immerse in dark chocolate goodness, then get a refreshing awakening of peppermint from the ice cream.

ME OUE Molten lava cake


Dark Chocolate Moelleux ($16). Something like a hot chocolate lava cake, but the fudge was a tad more viscous. But nonetheless, a very deep cocoa flavour, slightly bitter and not overly sweet. A near perfect chocolate cake for me. Instead of Cocoa Nibs ice cream, I think Vanilla would have been better though as there’s too much chocolate overlapping.

ME@OUE is one unique Singapore restaurant like no other, combining 3 separate and individual styled menus in one fine dining location. Enjoy complex French Bouillabase while savoring simple, fresh Japanese sashimi at the same time. Although not easy on the purse strings, ME@OUE is an excellent fine dining experience.

Expected Damage: $160 – $200 per pax

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ME@OUE:  50 Collyer Quay, The Rooftop Level, OUE Bayfront, Singapore 049321 | Tel: 6634 4555 | Website