Milksha brings back popular Strawberry Coulis Series with three new berry-packed drinks and two toppings

Bubble tea plays an integral part in my life, and I simply cannot get enough of refreshing milk tea with chewy tapioca balls. One of my go-to bubble tea brands has to be Milksha and this year, their iconic Strawberry Coulis Series will be making a comeback once again.

Voted the number one bubble tea brand by Taiwan’s university students, Milksha has over 230 stores in Taiwan alone. They have expanded into various countries all over the world, including Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Staying true to its mission, Milksha only serves fresh, natural, and handmade beverages made from 100% natural ingredients. Additionally, their drinks come with signature honey pearls, which are air-flown directly from Taiwan and prepared fresh in-store.

Picture of Milksha drinks
Credit – Milksha

Their Strawberry Coulis Series is the brand’s best-selling and highly anticipated seasonal special. Mark your calendars now, as the popular series will be back in stores from 11 April 2022 to 29 May 2022.

This year, three tantalising new drink selections will be available on the menu. Each drink will be crafted from eight juicy Belgium strawberries that are slow-cooked in batches. Milksha has also added two new toppings – Green Tea Jelly and Hand Pulled Mochi. Both of the toppings can be added to selected menu drinks.

Picture of Milksha Green Milk Tea
Credit – Milksha

First up, we have Milksha’s Strawberry Green Milk Tea (S$5.60). This cup of goodness contains a refreshing mix of strawberry coulis with freshly brewed green tea and fresh milk. Besides, you have the option to top up your drink with green tea jelly or honey pearls for that extra satisfaction.

Picture of milksha green milk tea
Credit – Milksha

Alongside that, their Strawberry Frostea with Milk Foam (S$5.60) is a good option as well. You can enjoy a delightful blend of strawberry coulis and green tea, crowned with fresh milk foam. To add on, the milk foam does not contain any chemical additives, preservatives, or artificial colouring.

Picture of Milksha Strawberry drink
Credit – Milksha

Milksha’s Triple Q Strawberry Milk (S$6) is the drink you must not miss out on. This involves a dynamic combination of fresh milk and strawberry coulis while complemented by refreshing green tea jelly and silky hand-pulled mochi.

Lastly, this will also mark the return of their Strawberry Coulis Green Tea (S$4.80), the non-dairy fan favourite since 2022.

The Strawberry Coulis Series will be available in limited quantities daily at all eleven outlets islandwide.

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