Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ (East Coast): Singapore Food Review

“Thai Mookata buffet for locals”

mookata east coast Comfortably situated along East Coast Road – the area with no end of dining options, Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ (literally the Mookata restaurant is named Mookata) has been generating quite a crowd with the current trend of Thai barbeque steamboat. It was a full house even on weekday nights. [adrotate group=”4″] mookata logo mookata east coast road With the quirky tiled walls, simple furniture and upbeat Thai pop music playing in the background, Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ has a lively ambiance that is perfect for a hearty meal with your family and friends. There’s even a queue ticket station for you to get a queue number. Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ thai milk tea Thai Milk Tea ($3.50). The right balance between milk and ceylon tea, one of the best thai milk teas I’ve tried so far in Singapore.

mookata chilli sauces

Mookata provides three special sauces ranging from mild spicy to extremely spicy. Go for the most spicy chilli if you are up for the challenge. I am contented with just the mildest one – it is enough to bring out the meat flavors and yet doesn’t overwhelm my taste buds.

Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ east coast rd

Mookata Set ($34.90, set for 2). There are two soup bases available, a light tasting pork broth and a tom yum soup base. As recommended, we went for the lighter pork broth as the Tom Yum broth can be overly heavy. Each table has an extendable ventilation hood to remove airborne grease and fumes from the grilling. The mookata grill used here is also bigger than usual, so there’s more space for meats without it constantly sliding into the soup.

Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ east coast meat platter The set meat platter consists of marinated chicken thigh, pork collar, pork belly, streaky bacon, pork suriyaki, prawns, squid, otah fishcake, crabsticks and meatballs. Authentic Mookata barbeque steamboats in Northern Thailand normally have their meat very lightly seasoned, but Mookata has their recipe tweaked to suit the Singaporean palate better.

The meat seasoning is on a heavier side, producing a robust flavor. I found the pork collar and pork belly really tender and juicy, each bite comes with a burst of succulent grease. The pork suriyaki was a pleasant addition for the steamboat. Thinly sliced and non marinated, cook it shabu-shabu style to taste the mild sweetness of the meat.

mookata vegetable platter

A decent vegetable platter of vermicelli, water spinach, corn, mushrooms and cabbage. Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ east coast rd black angus beef

Wagyu Beef ($25). Ala-carte premium selection. A BMS 3-4 Wagyu with a promising white freckled coat. Tender and soft like all high fat wagyu are, but with a slight livery aftertaste perhaps from the cut of meat.

mookata beef slices Tomyum chicken ($8) and Tomyum pork collar ($8.50). Both from the ala-carte selections. The marination is on the spicier side, so those who like their meat spicy you should definitely try this.

The tomyum pork collar, I found was slightly more tough than I would’ve liked. We’ve also ordered marinated Beef Slices ($12) that was very flavorful and juicy. There is also Mookata buffet ($34.90 per person) opetion available from Monday to Thursdays, with free flow of meat, surimi selections and vegetables other than those on premium sections.

Mookata take customers feedback earnestly and are on the constant move to improve and impress. They do not take reservations, so be prepared for a wait if you are there during peak hours.

Expected Damage: $30-50 per pax

Mookata, Traditional Thai BBQ: 103 East Coast Road, Singapore 428797 | Tel: 6344 2985 | Website

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