Mr. Baguette Singapore: Lava-Filled Mini Baguettes That Deliciously Ooze Out With Each Bite

mr baguette

The unassuming Mr. Baguette is situated within the basement level of Golden Mile Food Centre. Amidst the usual hawker stalls, it sets itself apart by selling items that I presume are first of its kind, garnering itself a queue even at 5pm when we were there.

Mr. Baguette specializes in ingenious balls of lava-filled baguettes, when bitten into them, an unrestrained amount of flavour bursts and flows in every imaginable direction, creating a messy affair of crust and drips of fillings all over the table. Either that I’m just a really careless eater.

mr baguette

These my friends, are just a few flavours out of the extensive Lava Products ($1.80 each)which has 10 assorted flavours; and Bowl Pasta Products ($2 each), which has four flavours to choose from. Honestly, if my stomach had the space, I would love to try them all. Also, they make a really crispy alternative to having donuts. 

Here’s a brief introduction to the ones I bought, seen in the picture above (from top left to bottom right): Azuki Lava, Cheese Lava, Carbonara Bowl, Red Velvet Lava, Chocolate Lava, Bolognese Bowl.

mr baguette

One of the best sellers, the Chocolate Lava runs out of stock pretty quickly. Thankfully, I messaged the owner a couple of hours in advance to pre-ordered the flavours I wanted, otherwise we would have missed out on trying it.

Evidently more viscous and flow-y than the rest of the lava products, it was extremely rich and decadent. The crust was crisp with every bite, that’s if you eat it immediately upon purchase. Alternatively, you could always pop them into a toaster at home and heat it up again so that the lava remains soft and gooey.

mr baguette

The Azuki Lava was sheer delight to bite into, I loved this the most out of the flavours we bought. Although not as runny as I had expected it to be, the texture reminded me of a soft custard filling, with a hint of slight saltiness, almost like having lui sha.

The azuki beans were crunchy from being toasted, which contrasted the creamy filling really well. You could tell from the picture, that the ratio of filling to the baguette bowl was about 3:1, ensuring that there will be more than enough lava with each bite.

mr baguette

The Red Velvet Lava wasn’t too sweet, it had a slight raspberry tang to it, though we’re not quite sure if it was part of the ingredient used to make it. The slight acidic taste made it really easy to gobble up the entire baguette within minutes.

mr baguette

Not forgetting the savoury baguette bowls pasta, the Carbonara Bowl, reminded me of soups contained in bread bowls. The cream base was scrumptiously lip smacking, laced with bits of bacon, and a substantial amount of macaroni in it. 

I’m all in favour if Mr. Baguette decides to make the bowl pastas larger to become a full meal, these would really fill you up with the carbs, and fix your pasta cravings.

All of the items we tried were really gao and fulfilling. Because they are really small in size, we thought that we could finish all six in a sitting, but before we knew it, our stomachs were crying “mercy, mercy”. We had to pack them up and save them for later. I was surprised that I didn’t need to have dinner after having three of these.

For takeaways, we were told that we could keep them unrefrigerated overnight, but do keep them in the fridge if it’s more than a day. Then pop them in a toaster again to reheat before eating.

I would definitely come back to try the other flavours. Just to be safe, I would advise to drop the store owners a message to chope the flavours you want.

Expected damage: $1.80 – $4

Mr. Baguette: 505 Beach Road, #B1-51, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 19958 (opposite Golden Mile Complex) | Tel: 91841257 (Kent), 90233855 (Irene) | Facebook | Opening hours: Daily 12pm – 8pm (or when everything is sold out)