Mr Holmes Bakehouse opens second outlet in the CBD with expanded menu, including Kimchi Croissants, Stuffed Donuts and their famous Cruffins

Mr Holmes Bakehouse has brought its famous creations to the heart of the CBD. Its second outlet in Singapore has opened in MYP Centre, conveniently located near Raffles Place MRT. The new store boasts an expanded menu with a wide selection of sandwiches, donuts, cruffins and salads.

image of mr holmes bakehouse's dishes

Originating in San Francisco and founded by pastry chef Aaron Caddel, Mr Holmes Bakehouse is credited with popularising the Cruffin pastry, which is a croissant baked into the shape of a muffin.

With outlets in the USA and Seoul closing due to the pandemic, Singapore’s stores are currently their only stores in the world.

image of mr holmes bakehouse's sandwiches

Have a hearty lunch break with MYP Centre’s four exclusive sandwiches. The Chicken Fajita Ciabatta (S$13), featuring Mexican spiced chicken, habanero mayo and cheddar sandwiched between chewy ciabatta slices, is smoky and savoury with incredibly complex flavours.

Meanwhile, the Egg Mayo and Candied Bacon Bagel (S$10) is a creamy and delicious combination of sweet and savoury elements with potato buns.

image of roasted veggie and hummus sandwich

A vegan option at Mr Holmes Bakehouse would be the Roasted Veggie & Hummus Sandwich (S$10), which surprised me with its intense, rich and smokey flavours despite the fillings being made entirely of assorted roasted vegetables and pickled carrots. Who said vegan food was boring?

image of kimchi croissant

The Spam & Egg with Kimchi Croissant (S$13) is a unique pastry with an Asian twist, loaded with incredibly flavourful ingredients. This croissant definitely didn’t scrimp on its fillings, with a nice amount of kimchi and an egg sitting atop a thick slab of luncheon meat. I did find it to be a tad salty, but I adored the intensity of the flavours.

image of salads

Mr Holmes Bakehouse’s salads are a safe yet delectable option for a light lunch. The Chicken Caesar Salad (S$16) comes with incredibly tender pieces of chicken meat on a crisp lettuce base with a creamy dressing.

Meanwhile, the Vegan Taco Salad (S$16) is topped with crunchy tortilla chips and consists of beans, corn and red tomatoes with a refreshing, tangy sauce to finish.

image of cruffins

Of course, who could leave Mr Holmes Bakehouse without trying the famous OG Cruffins (S$6.50)? Each cruffin feature lovely, flaky layers enveloping a generous amount of cream.

The seasonal flavours available are Coconut Cream, Raspberry Mocha and Pistachio Cream. The crispy, buttery croissant layers blended perfectly with the rich fillings of each cruffin. My favourite was the Pistachio Cream Cruffin, which had a lovely nutty aroma.

image of mr holmes bakehouse's donuts

Alternatively, try the seasonal flavours of their bomboloni-style Donuts (S$5.80): Banoffee, filled with a thick and creamy banana and toffee filling, Strawberry Lemonade, a tangy flavour that packs a berry punch, and Rose Lychee, made with lychee curd and rose water.

It’s hard for me to pick a favourite out of the three, as each had distinctly different taste profiles, but I do think the Rose Lychee stands out the most as it was light and refreshing and features a unique combination of ingredients.

image of cruffins and donuts

With a lovely, vibrant atmosphere, convenient location and stellar food, Mr Holmes Bakehouse’s new outlet is the perfect cafe to spend your lunch break with your office buddies.

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Our Rating: 5 / 5

Mr Holmes Bakehouse

9 Battery Rd, MYP Centre, #01-01 , Singapore 049910

Our Rating 5/5

Mr Holmes Bakehouse

9 Battery Rd, MYP Centre, #01-01 , Singapore 049910

Telephone: +65 6334 0308
Operating Hours: 8am - 6.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6334 0308

Operating Hours: 8am - 6.30pm (Daily)
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