Snack on Nestlé Air Popcorn with Fruity Yogurt and Milk Coffee flavours from Vietnam at Cold Storage

Nestle Air Popcorn 1

‘Nestlé and chill‘ with the new Air Popcorn snack that’s finally come to Singapore from Vietnam. Coming in three unique and exciting flavours, this is the next movie night snack you’re going to want to have.

Expect flavours like Milk Tea, Fruit Yogurt and Milk Coffee (S$2.50 per packet). For those whose popcorn preferences have always tended toward the sweeter side, this will likely satiate your sweet tooth.

Nestle Air Popcorn 2

I was personally extra curious about what the Milk Coffee Air Popcorn had to offer. I imagined it’d have the dark bitter flavour of Vietnamese coffee, lightened by some creaminess from the milk.

It’s easy to mistake these for your standard caramel popcorn, however, incongruous to its brown sticky sweet appearance, I was hit by the bitterness from the strong coffee the moment I popped it in my mouth. The milk was milder than I expected, but it was still very aromatic. The bitter notes were far more apparent—lingering long after the sweetness had faded.

Nestle Air Popcorn 3

Next, I tried the Fruit Yogurt flavour. Very unlike any sweet popcorn I’ve ever tasted, this was distinctive for its berry-like tang. I felt like I was eating a yogurt candy, which I didn’t mind. It was a welcome contrast to the bitterness from the Milk Coffee popcorn. I suggest you eat the Milk Coffee first before trying Fruit Yogurt, so that you get to appreciate the flavour contrasts and end on a sweeter note.

If the Nestlé Air Popcorn doesn’t already sound moreishly appealing, here’s another reason why you’d want to grab it over other popcorn options. Made with less oil using an air-popped technology, the Air Popcorn makes for a healthier alternative. The popcorn did have a lighter and airier mouthfeel compared to other brands I’ve tried.

Be careful though; though it’s supposed to be a healthier option, the lightness could also become a dangerous affair as it becomes so easy to overeat.

Nestle Air Popcorn 4

Each packet is pretty small, so you can safely share all three flavours with one or two other people without feeling too overwhelmed. The Nestlé Air Popcorn is now available at some Cold Storage outlets. I searched a few outlets in the west before finding mine at the Buona Vista store, so maybe they’re rolling them out in batches.

Date & Time: Nestlé Air Popcorn’s new flavours are now available at selected Cold Storage outlets

Price: S$2.50 per packet