Nookie Yogurt: Singapore Froyo Review

“Delicious Froyo with innovative flavours”

Nookie yogurt pomo

Take a 5 minute stroll from Dhoby Ghaut to the quieter POMO and you’ll come across Nookie Yogurt, with its mysterious black brick frontage and pop of fuchsia – with a store front like that, it would be hard to miss and we wouldn’t want you to either.

Nookie, a 100% homegrown Singapore froyo brand, is one of the latest players in the froyo arena and has taken over our instagram’s feed by storm. For those who don’t already know, Froyo is a shorter term for frozen yogurt.

Nookie yogurt pomo menu board

Scribbled on a chalkboard is some of Nookie’s inventive flavours. The combination of creativity and culinary innovaion resulted in delicious yogurt parfaits not seen in Singapore.


The ordering system is also straightforward, simply choose your flavour and step back while the cute server(s) constructs your cup of yummy froyo before your eyes.

Nookie yogurt pomo toppings


Every cup of Nookie’s froyo is literally filled with generous amount of fresh ingredient and creamy frozen yogurt.

Nookie yogurt apple berry crumble

Apple Berry Crumble ($6.90). The combination of tangy apple pie filling, salty caramel sauce and creamy froyo is pure genius – sour, salty and sweet, every mouthful was an exciting one.

It’s apparent that no shortcuts were taken in the making of the filling. The apple pie taste was true to that of a high quality apple pie. Dip the spoon all the way down and scope up all the ingredients for maximum shiok-ness.

Nookie yogurt strawberry watermelon rose

Strawberry Watermelon Rose ($6.90). The strawberry watermelon rose is perfect for our tropical weather with it’s so light and refreshing medley. The white chocolate rose water sauce doesn’t overwhelm and the juicy watermelon cubes coupled with the froyo makes you feel less guilty about the indulgence.

We wonder why nobody has thought of this sooner. Nookie made the flavour more excitable with its addition of strawberry spheres, and these spheres not only pop in your mouth for a surprise, but are and super instagramable with the rose petals.

Nookie yogurt mango sticky rice

Mango sticky rice ($6.90). Even without glutinous sticky rice, Nookie’s take on the popular Thai dessert is remarkably spot on. Apart from the chunks of fresh ripe sweet mango, the distinctive coconut milk taste and aroma is also apparent.

Nookie also somehow managed to encapsulate the fragrant and nutty taste of the sesame seeds in their cup of froyo. The replacement of glutinous sticky rice with mochi is also a very smart one as the mochi gives you that stickiness of the actual dessert and is also a lot of fun to eat! This is one of my personal favourites here.

Nookie yogurt red velvet parfait

Red velvet parfait ($6.90). We thought by now we’ve seen pretty much everything red velvet but Nookie proved us wrong by upping the game with their introduction of the red velvet parfait.

Froyo filled and topped with freshly baked red velvet cake crumbs, the rendition is complete with drizzles of thick chocolate fudge sauce – providing the chocolatey goodness that is supposed to come with a good slice of red velvet cake. This rendition will please even the most hardcore fan of the ever-popular red velvet cake.

Nookie yogurt salted caramel banana

Salted caramel banana ($6.90). A mixture of banana, strawberry, banana-flavoured granola and salted caramel sauce can hardly go wrong and in Nookie’s case – it didn’t. Generous amount of fresh banana and strawberry and with the salty sweet caramel sauce, this classic is good for anyone, even for the less adventurous.

Nookie yogurt matcha black sesame

Matcha black sesame crumble ($6.90).  Nookie roasts their black sesame in-house and the result is a rich roasted flavour, subtle sweetness with a delicate nutty aftertaste and no hint of bitterness. The distinct aroma of Matcha appears mild but builds up after a few mouthful. Good for Matcha lovers, but the other flavours available will better satisfy a sweet tooth.

Nookie yogurt with an attitude singapore pomo

Nookie Yogurt’s signature flavours are not only inventive and delicious but also alot of fun to eat! Serving size is on the larger side so one cup is good for 2 to share and at only $6.90 per cup, it’s pretty value for money. If you’re feeling creative yourself, you can also customise your own cup of froyo too.

Expected Damage: $6.90 per pax

Nookie Yogurt: 1 Selegie Road #01-04, PoMo, Singapore 188306 | Tel: 9833 1790 | Website