Oasis (Grand Hyatt Hotel): Singapore Buffet Review

“Daily Grill and Chill at Oasis”

oasis grand hyatt buffet poolside

Situated amid lush greenery and alfresco poolside surroundings of the Hyatt Hotel, Oasis provides a perfect tranquil dining getaway from the usual hustle and bustle of the city.

This quaint and very romantic restaurant can seat up to 110 diners in a comfortable open-air setting with ceiling fans and mist fans to beat the humidity of the Singapore warm climates. Pool side dining is always a welcome change in atmosphere.

A couple of our editorial team were cordially invited Grand Hyatt Hotel to try out their ever popular BBQ dinner buffet at Oasis.

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This buffet is available seven nights a week from 630pm till 930pm. Honestly, the buffet spread is not wide and extensive but what you will get are top quality meats, very fresh seafood and free flow of beers, wines, prosecco, margaritas (3 different flavours) and soft drinks (yes…very generous selections of beverages!)

Oasis buffet singapore grand hyatt seafood


Who can resist fresh oysters and sweet prawns? Certainly not any of us! Yours truly had at least 10 pieces of tiger prawns which were all huge (almost size of my palm), sweet and certainly very fresh.

Oysters are actually rich in calcium, iron and protein so why not dig into some oysters whilst you are at this buffet. We did wish the oysters served were more plump, nevertheless the oysters were still a pleasure to eat as they had a tinge of lingering salty liquor taste.

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For the salad lovers and healthy eaters, do not forget to hit the salad counter at this buffet. There are 6 different choices of salads, to name a few such as pear salad, roast carrot salad, Asian slaw and heirloom tomato salad with fennel and basil.

oasis grand hyatt buffet salad

We did enjoy the Asian Slaw which was a refreshing fusion Thai/Vietnamese inspired salad with shredded cabbage, spring onion coriander, mint leaves, sesame and chilli lime dressing. This is a good salad to begin with before starting on the bbq grill rack.

Oasis buffet grand hyatt meat


Hands up if you like freshly grilled meat and seafood! You will definitely not be disappointed by the slow-roasted short ribs with homemade bbq sauce, grass-fed flat iron steak, lamb rosemary sausages, thai style chicken, Spencer Gulf sustainable prawns and daily fresh catch of the day (fish).

All the meat and seafood are prepared daily a la minute on an open charcoal-fired grill. We really enjoyed the grass fed steak served medium rare (but chefs will oblige requests for medium or medium well); the steak was perfectly tender, lean and deliciously seared.

Oasis buffet singapore grand hyatt

Oasis buffet grand hyatt singapore steak

The fresh catch of the day on the night of the tasting was a tuna. Both Marshall and I are not particularly a big fan of this type of fish hence we were very pleasantly surprised that the taste of the fish was light (non fishy) and unique. The tuna was sliced slightly thick like sashimi, chargrilled on both sides – leaving the fish slice perfectly white on the outer but sweet baby pink in the middle. It was almost like eating a tender juicy pork chop yet still able to taste the subtle sweet freshness of raw fish.

Oasis singapore buffet mongolian grill

Besides the charcoal grill, there is a sizzling Mongolian grill (essentially a hot stone slab) where the chef will whip up tasty fried vegetables, fried rice or noodles for the guests. Every plate of stir fried vegetables and every bowl of fried rice or noodles tastes different as the guests get to “PIMP” their own vegetable dish/rice/noodles.

oasis grand hyatt buffet grill

This simply means that its a DIY choose your own seasonings, vegetables, ingredients and amount of rice or noodles. It’s a novelty just to watch the chef fry up your own customised vegetables or rice/noodles. The fried rice which I “pimped” turned out very fragrant and just suited to my taste buds.



You may still have room for desserts after eating all that wonderful meat and seafood from the grill. However, the desserts were kind of disappointing both aesthetically and taste wise  so you may want to skip desserts especially if you are regular calories counting conscious or weight watcher like myself. We did enjoy the soft serve which comes in 2 flavours – classic vanilla or chocolate.

oasis grand hyatt singapore margaritas

So, by now you will be asking “Will we pay $98++ for this buffet?” Marshall and I both say, “Definitely Yes!”. We are more than willing to pay for the quality of meat and seafood, impeccable and attentive service; the service crew will constantly top up your beverages without you even calling for service. With the amazing free flow of alcoholic beverages its hard not to be impressed -The margaritas were so yummy and very alcoholic.

The restaurant is perfect for big family or friends gathering, intimate date nights and birthday parties. Do call in advance to make a reservation as the restaurant often gets very packed from Friday till Sunday.

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Oasis Restaurant: 10 Scotts Road, Grand Hyatt Hotel (level 5 Terrace Wing), Singapore 228211 | Tel: +65 6732 1234 | Website

*Photos by Marshall Too & Seth Lui