Get Old Chang Kee’s New Laksa Chicken’O Now Available At All Outlets For A Limited Time Only

Old Chang Kee has been spoiling us rotten with their constant stream of new curry puff flavours. Besides the Nasi Lemak Curry Puff in 2018, they also came out with a Hainanese Chicken Rice’O last month too, for The Heritage Series.

Old Chang Kee Laksa Chicken'O Puff 1

This month, they are continuing the series with the new Laksa Chicken’O (S$2 each, S$3.60/pair). The usual buttery pastry is filled with chicken chunks, egg and fish cake, and flavoured with Old Chang Kee’s new homemade laksa paste.

It sounded pretty promising since I definitely enjoy a good bowl of laksa. I decided to head down to the nearest Old Chang Kee to give this new puff a try.

Old Chang Kee Laksa Chicken'O Puff 2

The pretty orangey-red hue of the crust got me pretty excited, especially since each piece was quite substantial with lots of filling. However, it smelled exactly like the normal curry puff.

With tender juicy chicken chunks and flaky crust in each bite, this was a satisfying snack. I could even taste bits of fish cake in it!

Old Chang Kee Laksa Chicken'O Puff 3

The puff filling turned out to be really delicious. At first, I was slightly confused because I could not taste any laksa flavours. However, there were notes of prawn and coconut lingering on my palate, much like a good laksa broth.

This puff wasn’t as spicy as the usual curry puff, with a slightly richer taste from the stronger coconut milk.

With the trend of local twists these days, there are many hits and misses. This was definitely a hit for me. I would say it’s on par with the original, and definitely worth the calories especially if you love laksa.

If you happen to pass by any Old Chang Kee outlets, don’t miss out and grab one of these Laksa Chicken’O puffs!

Dates & Times: Now available for limited time only (at all outlets)

Prices: S$2 (one piece), S$3.60 (two pieces)