Omakase Burger: 5-Star Signature Cheeseburger & All-New Chilli Cheese Fries At Wisma Atria

Let’s talk about the competitiveness amongst burgers. From the juiciness of the patties to the supreme combination of what fills the stack, the categorical list is endless to ever determine one humble bun’s worth.

At Omakase Burger, they’ve perfected their burger right down to the ingredients to create the ultimate five-star burger. Their journey to reign victorious as the best burger joint in Singapore is now six years running, but have they won the race?

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Located on the third floor of Wisma AtriaPicnic, is exemplary of the ideal millennial space. I entered the hipster zone and walked through the wide arrangement of floral decor that rejuvenated my sight with the loveliest array of colours.

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It almost felt like I was transported to the oasis of my dreams. It resembled a greenhouse, with glass windows allowing the sunlight to create a refreshing atmosphere. You can’t help but feel like the rays of sunshine were meant to refuel yourself and work that appetite.

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But, I digress. We were here to be judges of the highly acclaimed burger and anticipated what was in store. We had the chance to speak to Hsin Yao, Director of Picnic and Creator of the Omakase burger, to share with us his story of discovering the fifth star.

Did you know that omakase means ‘I’ll leave it up to you’ in the Japanese language? Not to be mistaken for the Japanese degustation, Omakase Burger pays homage to Hsin Yao’s respect for the meticulous cooking practices he observed in Japanese chefs.

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A perfectionist all in one, he endeavoured on bun-derful food adventures to find the best buns. The loaf had to be fluffy and sweet, yet sturdy and absorbent enough to be the core support of the burger.

“I hopped on a plane to New York, ran into the nearest store and filled my suitcase entirely of the most perfect potato rolls. Then I hopped back on the 20-odd hours of flight home to Singapore to ensure its freshness.”

Finally, his vision of the soft, pillow roll was realised. After being granted permission, the imported potato roll was ready to take on even the most succulent of patties and tallest of stacks.

Omakase 5

Taking matters into his hands, Hsin Yao religiously looked for methods to make his burger patty the King of them all. Hundreds of excel sheet recipes later, the blend of luscious beef was smashed to excellence.

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Presenting, the five-star Omakase Cheeseburger (S$16.90). It was like the flawless Krabby Patty in real life.

The cheese had melted and oozed right atop the charred beef patty. Teamed up with the sweetness of the potato roll, veggies and an addictive secret sauce, we fought hard not to let that drool slip.

Omakase 7

As my teeth sank into the tender meat, the juices trickled down my chin. The patty had a lovely pink inside and was well-seasoned. The flamed-char that wrapped the edges of the meat sealed the deal with its crisp bits.

I could see how this burger had the confidence to declare its perfect score. The mess from wolfing down the burger was something I was willing to sacrifice my image for. An accomplishment in itself? You decide.

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We tried the all-new Chilli Cheese Fries (S$6.90), which was loaded with homemade beef chilli infused with Mexican spices, black beans and cheese.

The shoestring fries came in a generous portion for what it cost and captivated us with its vibrant appeal.

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Not to be confused with chilli con carne, Omakase Burger’s in-house chilli was no ordinary treat. The Mexican herbs packed a bag full of flavour that leaves you curious yet in no way did it have anyone hesitating to dig into more.    

The dish full of potato gems was humbly delicioso, although it could do with more cheese and more heat in the spice. Then again, I have always been profiled as the greedy child, so don’t mind me.

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Burgers and fries are a dime a dozen these days and personally, the journey to discover that one perfect American burger will endeavour to no end.  Yet, I’ve been won over by the sheer passion put into refining something so ordinary.

Until the time comes for me to denounce Omakase Burger’s reign, they remain at the top of my list. Have they found the missing star? For sure, I’d say.

Expected Damage: S$16.90 – S$22.90 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Omakase Burger

435 Orchard Road, #03-15, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877

Our Rating 5/5

Omakase Burger

435 Orchard Road, #03-15, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
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