One Night Only: American Style Comfort Food At River Valley Will Have You Coming Back For More Than Just A Night

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Visit One Night Only and discover that American comfort food isn’t all greasy and unhealthy — neither is it just mac & cheese and burgers. Dine here and be exposed to a wide range of authentic American recipes, inspired by road trips and travels around the United States.

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Step in and be greeted by a diner-inspired setup with booths and regular seats available for your enjoyment. If you’re like me and prefer the cosy, intimate feel that a booth gives, simply request for it and the staff would be more than willing to oblige (if available).

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We got their Chocolate Milkshake ($10.50) and was expecting them to throw everything into a blender. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see them using a Milkshake Machine to create our beverage. What we got wasn’t your typical run-of-the-mill(k) shake.

Decadent, rich and not overly sweet; could it get any better? We really enjoyed it and will definitely come back to try out the other flavours.

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Nothing says diner more than a Build-Your-Own Breakfast — with 15 options to customise your own plate, we were spoilt for choice. We ended up getting Mashed Avocado ($3), Brioche Toast ($3), Bacon ($3) and Corn Fritters ($3). A filling, hearty meal for any time of the day at only $12 (prices vary).

The avocado was nicely seasoned and added a creaminess to the dish. Together with the fluffy brioche toast and savoury bacon, each bite was flavourful yet light. The corn fritters were an unexpected surprise as they were crunchy, chewy yet sweet from the corn.

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Chicken Fried Steak ($21), “is it chicken or is it steak?”, I was rather confused when I ordered it, but what arrived was a giant, fried piece of steak. In order to ensure that it’s tender, the steak is pounded out before frying.

It was a different but enjoyable experience, where the textural contrast of the crunchy batter against the tender steak worked well; the creamy gravy also added a needed richness to the dish. We got the Mashed Potatoes and Biscuits & Gravy as sides.

The potatoes were one of the best we’ve tried, albeit a little grainy. However, the seasoning and flavour were spot on. As for the biscuit, it was fluffy and the savoury gravy added another dimension to the dish, with it’s smoky and meaty undertones.

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What’s an American restaurant without fried chicken? The Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($16.50, 2pc)  came piping hot, but we just couldn’t help ourselves and dug in anyways. Not only was the batter crunchy, the flavour permeated throughout the chicken, resulting in one tasty bite after another.

We really enjoyed how the flavour wasn’t just on the batter itself, but was present in every bite. (That’s probably their secret…shhhh). Not to forget the bowl of gravy served with the chicken, dunking each piece into the savoury gravy was truly an out of this world experience.

As sides, we got the French Fries and Mac & Cheese. The fries were crispy and well seasoned, while the mac & cheese had a prominent cheese flavour and was surprisingly light, allowing us to finish the whole bowl.

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Lastly, a staple in every American menu, the burger. One Night Only’s rendition is the No-Frills Cheeseburger ($13.50, single patty), the bun was nicely toasted preventing it from getting soggy.

The star for us was definitely the patty, which was juicy and well seasoned. We also loved how it was thick and satisfying, unlike the ones at regular fast-food joints. For something simple yet tasty, a definite must-try.

For a taste of authentic American food and to be exposed to the world of  American cuisine, drop by the restaurant and get ready to be amazed.

Visit this restaurant once and I guarantee you’ll be back for more than One Night Only!

Expected damage: $20 – $25

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One Night Only: 397 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248292 | Opening Hours: (Tues – Fri) 12pm – 10pm (Sat & Sun) 9 am – 10 pm | Tel: 62351248 | Facebook