Have Yourself An Oreo-Filled Mid-Autumn Festival With Oreo Mooncakes Available At Fairprice Now

Every time Mid-Autumn Festival rolls around, I can’t wait to see what kind of wacky creations people can come up with. Well, besides Aroma’s Truffle Mooncake and boba mooncakes, now we can add Oreo Mooncakes to the list.

Oreo Mooncakes 1

When I stumbled upon these at my local Fairprice, I was pretty impressed with the packaging. The gift set was not shoddy at all.

Oreo Mooncakes 8

Each set comes with four mooncakes, you have Brownie Chocolate (Black)Double Chocolate with Milk (White), Strawberry Jam (Pink) and Cappucino (Yellow). Given the flavours and texture, I would say that these mooncakes were a slight cross between snowskin mooncakes and traditional baked mooncakes.

Since I was the designated mooncake taster this season, I couldn’t wait to try them.

Oreo Mooncakes 5

I went for the Brownie Chocolate first, which comes with a semi-fudgy brownie centre surrounded by lotus paste. I was expecting the mooncake to be laden with sugar but it was just chocolatey enough.

Oreo Mooncakes 3

Ever the chocoholic, I tried the Double Chocolate With Milk next. This one had a milk-chocolate centre surrounded by dark chocolate paste.

Surprisingly, this was less intense than the milk chocolate but was still chocolatey enough to satisfy this chocoholic.

Oreo Mooncakes 6

For those with a bit more of a sweet tooth, the Strawberry Jam is a good option. These come with a delightful strawberry jam centre and surrounded with strawberry-flavoured lotus paste.

While this was nice, the Strawberry Jam wasn’t particularly memorable for me.

It was definitely a good effort on Oreo’s part to come up with such a novel set of mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival. The gift set is great for those who want a little laugh this Mid-Autumn Festival or if you just love Oreos. Either way, these oreo mooncakes don’t disappoint!

Date & Time: Available now from all Fairprice Outlets for a limited time

Price: S$23.50 for a set of four