The Paleo Recipe Book: Cooking Book Review

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What is the Paleolithic diet?

The Paleolithic Diet, also known as the Paleo Diet or ‘Caveman diet’, is a diet based on the foods our human ancestors used to eat back in the prehistoric age.  If a caveman couldn’t find it to eat, neither can you.

This means anything we could hunt or scavenge for – meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds. Sorry, processed foods like pasta, cereal, white rice and candy will have to go as our prehistoric ancestors didn’t have the technology to create such foods.

Grains like rice and wheat in particular, are a big no no in the Paleo diet, which only came about a few thousands years ago when humans discovered agriculture and farming.

Think about it, the prehistoric caveman was lean and muscular while many modern humans today are plump and carry excess fat. Heck, have you ever seen a FAT lion/tiger/cheetah, which only eats meat? Our bodies are simply not evolved to adapt to grains and carbohydrates, which is why another famous diet is a low carb one like the Atkin’s diet.

The scientific reasoning why the Paleo diet works is pretty simple:

We consume more calories than our body needs, thus accumulating fat. Grains and sugars are simple carbohydrates that get digested very fast, and release excess calories for that immediate energy boost. The problem is, unless you’re a marathon runner, nobody needs so much calories in your daily routine. Other processed foods are also notoriously high in artificial flavoring, sodium and other bad chemicals which messes up our bodies, which is not designed to digest these artificial additives.

So, no grains, no sugar, no processed foods are allowed in the Paleo Diet which makes it much easier to keep within the daily calories your body really needs and keeps it natural.

Why Get The Paleo Recipe Book?


Firstly, let me clarify that The Paleo Diet is NOT a short-term fad ‘diet’ where you starve yourself for a month, which slims you down, but you quickly balloon back up once your ‘diet’ finishes. Diet here refers to the sum of foods consumed by an individual consistently over a long period of time.

I believe that if you want to have a truly healthy and lean figure that stays forever, your long term eating habits have to change. And that means eating properly, regularly – you need cook using healthy food recipes.

In our busy daily schedule, it’s easy to buy food outside, but it’s most likely going to be unhealthy and not quite the right food to eat if you want to have the body of your dreams. And for some reason, a salad is more expensive than a pack of fries.

The best way to eat healthily and affordably is to cook it yourself. Ok, everyone knows what healthy food is like- boiled chicken, steamed fish, salad etc. Personally I’ve tried going on such a healthy home-cooked diet before and it drove me crazy (not to mention that I’m a full-time food reviewer). It definitely works, but it’s boring as hell.

With The Paleo Recipe Book, you won’t get bored eating a salad or boiled chicken every other day – there are over 400 different healthy paleo recipes that you can try! Best of all, the recipes are really simple and straightforward to follow; You don’t have to be a professional chef to create these recipes.

Over 400 different recipes

Paleo recipes  shrimp-salad

There are over 400 different healthy recipes you can follow, which are categorized into meats, soups, stews, curries, condiments, salads and even smoothies.

Simple and easy to follow recipes

Paleo recipes  thai-chicken-soup

Each recipe shows step-by-step how to cook it, what the ingredients are and the amount of preparation time (if you’re a lazy cook like me, pick the fast prep time items!). None of the recipes require very complex equipment, mostly only using a pan, pot or oven which most kitchens should have. There’s even a conversion table in the book to convert all measurements to the metric system so you won’t get confused. Hey if I even I can recreate this simple yet delicious chicken soup, so can you.

Innovative reinvention of favorite dishes

Paleo recipes spaghetti

There are recipes like Spaghetti, Burger, Meat Loaf, Sheperd’s Pie which take out the excess carbohydrate ingredient and replaces it with an alternative healthier item so you can still enjoy your favorite meals, albeit with a slight compromise on taste but well worth the health benefit.

Nutritional information on each recipe

Paleo recipes lemon-vinaigrette

On each recipe, you can see the nutritional details like how much protein, carbs and fats are in each dish. Honestly after going through the book, not every single recipe is ideal to what I want, but with the transparent nutritional information, you can pick and choose the best recipes. Personally I would go for recipes that are high in protein and lower in carbohydrates and fats for the best, healthiest results (mostly in the meats section).

Extra Bonuses: 8 Week Paleo Diet Meal Plan, Dessert Book, Quick and Easy Recipes

paleo diet meal plan

When you purchase The Paleo Recipe Book, they don’t just give you one recipe book – they give you a whole lifestyle to follow.

With the 8-Week Paleo diet meal plan, schedule using dishes from the Paleo Recipe Book, you don’t have to trouble yourself thinking about what to prepare next. Just follow the meal plan for a healthier you and know exactly what to eat.

paleo desserts simple meals bonus

That’s not all. You also get 2 extra Paleo recipe books: Paleo Desserts and Quick & Simple Paleo Meals. The Quick & Simple recipe book is a huge favorite for me, with each recipe having on average only 5-6 steps to create. A huge time saver for lazy, fuss-free cooks like myself.

If I can eat myself skinny, why can’t you?


I’m a professional food reviewer in Singapore, and that means I eat out at various restaurants for tastings almost every day. And boy do they try to stuff you full at tastings. I’m not muscular or anything but I reckon my body is pretty thin. Many people ask me how I maintain my size even though I eat so much, and I always reply that it’s by eating healthy whenever I can.

So my daily routine consists of 1 crazy food-binge restaurant meal a day, and a healthier home-cooked meal for the rest of the day. And yes, due to the sheer amount of calories I consume, I also need to jog about 3 times a week to maintain.

But hey, if you aren’t eating as crazily as I am, just following this Paleo Recipe Book I’ve recommended is good enough to keep a lean shape – I find that what you eat is way more important than exercise if your goal is just to keep slim (not to build weight/muscle, that would require weight lifting). Very importantly, cut out sugars and snacking on random junk food all the time.

So what are you waiting for? Start eating a healthy Paleo diet to get the lean figure you’ve always wanted! It’s just $39 $25 USD for this amazing collection of Paleo recipes and Free bonuses.

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