Yukiko Morita makes lamps & clocks out of real bread

The delicious-looking Pampshade by Yukiko Morita is made of REAL BREAD. These bread lampshades are not edible, but instead light up, and are made to last.

Pampshade - Bread Lamps

I’m sure you’re wondering how this works. Morita painstakingly takes apart each loaf by hand and strives to maintain the structure and texture of the bread as much as possible. Every nook and cranny is then covered by resin to prevent bacterial and fungi from growing for 5 to 10 years.

Due to its highly labor-intensive nature, it can take Morita and her team 2 to 4 weeks to complete a single lamp!

Pampshade - Loaf and Croissant

According to Morita, the Pampshade Croissant Bread Lamp (Battery type) (S$88) is the most challenging to make as croissants tend to be extremely delicate and brittle. Unlike its edible, flaky counterpart though, this stunning showpiece can be placed at any corner of your home to give the most beautiful glow.

If you love shoku pan, the Pampshade Pain de Mie Bread Lamp (AC Power Cord type) (S$164) will be your next best friend.  

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Every Pampshade is in fact made of leftovers, unwanted bread from bakeries affiliated to the store. So, no bread goes to waste and is instead given a new lease of life. Even the insides of the loaves that were removed are used up: they’re repurposed as panko and to make confectionery like rusk.

Pampshade - Naan

Other than the ethereal bread lamps, Morita also makes NAAAN Time? Melting Clocks (S$149), which are inspired Salvador Dalí’s “The Persistence of Memory”. Due to the lack of a dial on the clock, you’ll have to guess the relative time based on the position of the clock’s hands.

There are other breads used to make the Pampshades, and from their Instagram, it seems like they won’t be stopping the bread craze anytime soon. Morita has even come up with bags made of real bread and croissants!

I can imagine that Celest, SETHLUI.com’s resident bread-obsessed writer will one day fill up her house with these bread lamps. I mean, I know I would, too.

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