Singapore’s 1st German pretzel bakery, Park Bäckerei, opens in Tanjong Pagar with cute hedgehog buns & traditional bakes

Are the usual pretzels from Auntie Anne’s not doing it for you anymore? If that’s the case, Park Bäckerei is a bakery that you should check out.

park bäckerei - storefront

Park Bäckerei is a German pretzel bakery that recently opened within Icon Village in Tanjong Pagar, where it offers authentic German pretzels and bakes for carb enthusiasts to savour.

Park Bäckerei’s pretzels are made using lye — the usage of this ingredient requires a permit from the National Environmental Agency (NEA), meaning that it is rare to find other spots in Singapore that offer similarly authentic German pretzels.

The lye enhances the Maillard reaction in their pretzels and bread, giving each bake a deep brown shade, a crispy crust and a fluffy interior.

park bäckerei - bakes

The Plain Pretzel (S$3.90 for 1 piece, S$10.80 for 3 pieces) is the most classic option, with a thick “belly” and crispier, thinner “arms”. You can opt for the Mini Pretzels (S$2.50 for 1 piece, S$20.80 for 10 pieces) if you’d like a lighter bite.

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Personally, I loved the Cheese Pretzel (S$4.50 for 1 piece, S$12.60 for 3 pieces) and Mini Cheese Pretzels (S$2.50 for 1 piece, S$23.80 for 10 pieces), which were topped with crispy and savoury cheese.

park bäckerei - karamel igel

The fan favourite bake that we tried was the Karamel Igel (S$4.40 for 1 piece, S$8.40 for 2 pieces), an adorable hedgehog-shaped bun stuffed with a delicious caramel filling. The fillings reminded me of blonde chocolate, with a sweet and milky fragrance.

park bäckerei - bagel

Park Bäckerei also has stuffed bagels. Their sweet varieties are the Speculoos Apple (S$7.50), Hazelnut Double Chocolate (S$7.50) and Red Velvet Coconut (S$7.50). If you’d prefer something more savoury, opt for the Jalapeño Cheddar (S$7.90) or Caprese Pesto (S$7.90) flavours, containing sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, basil pesto and parmesan cheese.

park bäckerei - sandwich

For a more hearty meal, Park Bäckerei has sandwiches and salads for you to enjoy. Meat lovers, go for the Roast Beef (S$16.90), Sausage Kraut (S$15.90), Tuscan Chicken (S$15.90) and B.E.A.T (S$13.90), while vegetarians can pick Brie (S$14.90) and Portobello (S$14.90). I was surprised at the juiciness of the portobello mushroom, and loved how flavourful each sandwich was.

If you’d like to spruce up your pretzel experience, you must get Park Bäckerei’s Frishkäse (S$3), a savoury dip made with cream cheese, sour cream, onion and chives. Dipping each pretzel into the Frishkäse elevated their flavours to the max!

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Park Bäckerei

12 Gopeng Street, Icon Village, #01-41/42 & 52/53, Singapore 078877

Our Rating 4/5

Park Bäckerei

12 Gopeng Street, Icon Village, #01-41/42 & 52/53, Singapore 078877

Telephone: +65 8756 2029
Operating Hours: 8am - 7pm (Mon to Fri), 8am - 2pm (Sat), Closed on Sun
Telephone: +65 8756 2029

Operating Hours: 8am - 7pm (Mon to Fri), 8am - 2pm (Sat), Closed on Sun
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