Khatib pasar malam has over 30 food stalls, rides & mini-arcade from 12 Nov to 11 Dec 2022

It must be pasar malam season, as I am once again covering yet another one of these fairs. The Khatib Pasar Malam will be up from 12 Nov to 11 Dec 2022. It is located just across from Khatib MRT station, so you can’t miss it.

Khatib Pasar Malam - Arcade

Compared to the Woodlands pasar malam, Khatib’s pasar malam has both food stalls as well as entertainment in the form of rides and a mini-arcade. Unfortunately, I came during the afternoon and none of the rides were operational, but I bet the neon lights from the rides will look really special at night.

Khatib Pasar Malam - Rides

I counted that there were around 30-odd food stalls but many of them were still closed so they were probably more. 

Khatib Pasar Malam - Otak-Otak Hyda.Co

Unfortunately, a stall that I wanted to try Otak-Otak Hyda.Co. There were loaded lekor with options such as Crispy Cili Premium Lekor (S$7), Crispy Cheezy Premium Lekor (S$8) and Crispy Cheezy Cili Premium Lekor(S$9). There also had Sweet N Spicy Fish Otak Otak (S$8) and Aroma Chicken Pepes (S$8) for 10 pieces.

Khatib Pasar Malam - Skewer M

Something that caught my eye was the Skewers M stall. It had trays full of skewered hot dogs, Seaweed Chicken, Broccoli, Fishballs and Mushrooms going for S$1.50 per stick. 

I also saw more premium skewered goodies, like Prawns, Bacon, Chicken and Pork which will be grilled on a charcoal mini-grill before being served.

Khatib Pasar Malam - Xiao Shao Yu

If you need something to wash all of the food down, you can opt for Xiao Shao Yu drink stall. It sells juice such as Sugarcane Juice (S$3/S$5), Watermelon Juice (S$4/S$6), Buah Long Long Juice (S$4/S$6) and Mango Shake (S$4/S$6).

Khatib Pasar Malam - Watermelon Juice

I had the Watermelon Juice as it was a pretty hot day. Though it was pre-packaged, I thought it tasted realistically sweet and fresh. I also liked the little fibres of the fruit that provided a nice chew. I just wished it was served colder.

Khatib Pasar Malam - Bites

I thought Bites had a unique concept of selling Taiwan Cheese Mashed Potatoes. They come with many forms of proteins such as Tuna (S$5.90), Crab Meat (S$5.90), Smoked Duck (S$5.90) and Mini Cheese Mashed Ball (S$3). There was also Bing Tang Hu Lu (S$2) which is a stick of sugar-glazed fruits such as strawberries and oranges. 

Khatib Pasar Malam - Loco Loco

Desserts were also plenty with Loco Loco serving Churros. They had multiple options such as Original Churros (S$5), Oreo Churros (S$5), Ondeh Ondeh Churros (S$5) and even Chili Crab Churros (S$6)! Each order comes with either Chocolate or Gula Melaka sauce.

Khatib Pasar Malam - PM FOODIE

However, I was in the mood for Fried Oreos (S$2.50) from PM FOODIE. You can have your fried Oreos with Chocolate Syrup, Plain, Condensed Milk and Caster Sugar, the latter of which was what I went with.

Khatib Pasar Malam - Fried Oreos

It wasn’t made fresh on the spot which was slightly disappointing and the caster sugar was barely there. Taste-wise, it tasted like battered Oreos. It’s fried Oreos, what do you expect?

Khatib Pasar Malam - Arabica Kebab

Lastly, I tried the Beef Kebab (S$6) from Arabica Kebab as I realised I’ve only ever had Chicken Kebabs (S$5) from a pasar malam. My order was freshly sliced from the doner meat, and as such it still tasted juicy even when I ate it at home.

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