Pasar malam returns to Woodlands from 14 Nov to 10 Dec 2022

You can have as many pasar malams as you want and people would still come in hordes. All this with the knowledge that they probably sell the same thing as the pasar malam from 3 months ago. That was exactly the case with the latest pasar malam at Woodlands, which is happening from 14 Nov to 10 Dec 2022.

Woodlands Pasar Malam - Exterior Shot

Located literally at the side of Causeway Point, the massive downpour today didn’t deter the mood nor the crowd that flooded the tent, me included. The noise from within the tent drowned the sound of heavy rain from outside, with the cling and clanks as well different music being played from different stalls.

Woodlands Pasar Malam - Seats

For those who are turned off by the prospect of eating street food standing up or in the heat, there were ample seats available with fans hanging on the side. And yes, the much-beloved takoyaki, Ramly burger and kebab were readily available there, with the first two dishes being sold at more than one stall.

Woodlands Pasar Malam - Jom Lekor

One of the unique stalls is Jom Lekor which sells keropok lekor (a soft fish cracker) with over 7 sauces! They include Thai Sweet Chili, Chili, Signature Sambal, Cheese Mayo, Samyang, Chili Kicap and Nutella all for S$6.90 per cup.

Woodlands Pasar Malam - Teochew Meat Puff

There were also long queues for the Teochew Meat Puff stall that has a combination of Oyster Pork (S$4), Prawn Pork (S$4), Crab Pork (S$4), Scallop Pork (S$4.50) and Mushroom (S$4). The queue didn’t seem to move even as I left the pasar malam.

Woodlands Pasar Malam - Dutch Baby Pancakes and Flamed Cheese Fries

The Dutch Baby Pancakes and Flamed Cheese Fries sold exactly as the name suggests. You’ll be spoiled with choices as the Dutch Baby Pancakes (S$6) which comes in over 10 flavours such as Nutella, Cookies & Cream, Banana Split, Salted Caramel, S’mores, Chicago Cheesecake, Red Velvet, Traditional, Ondeh Ondeh and Milo Dinosaur.

Woodlands Pasar Malam - 1litre

One of the newest pasar malam staples, 1litre serves drinks per litre. They come in both milk and mocktail flavours such as Thai Milk Tea (S$5) and Mandarin Sourplum (S$5). However, they have crafted two flavours exclusively for the Woodlands pasar malam which is the Malty Salted Creme Caramel (S$6) and the Sangria (S$5).

Woodlands Pasar Malam - Sangria

I had the Sangria which was a combination of Kyoho and Muscat grapes with lime. It didn’t taste anything that’s leaps and bounds from your ordinary grape cordial. I also felt that they put way too much ice, diluting the drink too fast.

Woodlands Pasar Malam - Sip & Dip

Those who enjoy fried food (basically all of us) can opt to try Sip & Dip which has Kentang Spiral (3 for S$10) which is spiral fried potatoes that are available in flavours such as Sour Cream, Wasabi and Cheese.

There’s also Popiah Sambal (S$6) which was filled with vegetable and crab meat. Though what caught my eye was the Potato Cheese Bomb (S$6).

Woodlands Pasar Malam - Potato Cheese Bomb

Essentially fried mashed potatoes with cheese inside, the potato balls were also dusted with spicy seasoning. It was perfect along with the cold weather as the cheese had a satisfying stretch. Might be slightly steep for 4 pieces, but at least it’s one of the more unique options.

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