Will Pink Pineapples Be The First Unusual Fruit Of 2017?

Pink Watermelon-1

2016 has been a pretty weird year but it’s also given us some wonderfully weird fruits like a square watermelon, bubbleberries and now… a pink pineapple.

Some facts to begin: A Square Watermelon is actually a real watermelon shaped into a square… duh. But before you start thinking that the people behind this creation are geniuses, think twice.

The trick is that when the fruit is still growing, simply put it into a square container until it is fully grown. And ta-da! Square. Watermelon.

Pink Watermelon-1-2

Okay, so maybe getting a square watermelon is simple. But what about strawberries that taste like bubblegum? Unfortunately, you need scientists to infuse the chemicals to get a Bubbleberry.

We heard it really does taste like bubblegum though, so lucky you if you’ve managed to get your hands on some!

Pink Watermelon-2

With two unusual fruit predecessors, what could be the next big thing in the fruit world? We’re putting our bets on the Pink Pineapple. I mean, after Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, we think 2017 is only going to be a bigger year for the humble juicy delight.

Watch out Instagram – fittingly named Rosé, the pineapples have been genetically modified to suppress the enzymes that make it yellow, allowing the Lycopene (natural pink pigment) to become more prominent.

It has already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, so keep an eye out for this pinkish pineapple on your newsfeed.

*Current photos of pink pineapples online likely to be photoshopped since production has yet to begin.