Pixy Bar & Cuisine: Contemporary Dishes & Atas ‘Chai Tow Kway’ At Mohamed Sultan Road

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Pixy Bar & Cuisine lies just a few minutes walk away from Robertson Quay. Almost like a speakeasy, this underrated place was quite difficult to locate even in broad daylight (due to the lack of a huge store banner).

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With an industrial-chic ambience, this place creates a very relaxing mood for its patrons.

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If you’re going for the degustation or omakase course ($120++), I’d definitely recommend you to sit by the bar, which is also the best place to catch Japanese Chef Nitta Shuhei and Singaporean Chef Kai Wen in action.

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Speaking about Chef Shuhei, he’s an alumnus of Ecole Tsuji Tokyo culinary institute and the prestigious Joel Robuchon’s Three Michelin starred “Chateau Restaurant”.

Most of the contemporary dishes at Pixy an Asian element added into it, and the chef sources the seafood from Ah Hua Kelong as he hopes to elevate local ingredients with his culinary techniques.

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The first dish I tried was Singaporean Breakfast ($18++), featuring a sunny side up and micro coriander garnishes, finished with sambal belachan.

It’s an elevated play on the local hawker carrot cake dish, better known as Chai Tow Kway.

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Unlike the usual carrot cake is made with radish, Pixy used carrots in their mixture. Paired with the addictive sambal, these fragrant mochi-textured cubes brought Chai Tow Kway to a whole new level.

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Easily my favourite, the Pixy Foie Gras ($24++) was marinated with 12 years aged Yamazaki whisky, topped with a myriad of fruits, paired with ume (plum) jam and croute.

The duck liver terrine was marinated for over a week and cooked at 55°C, which ensured that it retained the fruity notes from the priced whisky.

Since I’ve tried a lot of foie gras dishes that overused berry compote and reduced balsamic vinegar, chef Shuhei’s ume jam was really refreshing.

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Try the Corn Dog Frog Legs ($5 per drumstick). Coated with a garlic pancake mix, these “corn frogs” were served atop lemongrass cream and parsley oil, along with lotus leaves.

Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, this popsicle looked less intimidating than the frog legs that I am used to and the batter soaked up the aromatic lemongrass cream really well.

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The Crab Flower ($15) was also an off-menu item. Using local kelong-caught crab, the meat was doused in crab roe dressing, starfruits and micro greens.

An appetising combination of crunchy veggies and fruits, paired with succulent crab meat could never go wrong.

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The house special Pixy Cask #001 Whisky Rosselle ($25) is Pixy’s IT drink where you can have it on the rocks or with soda. The mixture of Yamazaki 12 years, Hakushu 12 years and Rosselle flowers was aged for over two months in a sherry cask.

Despite the sweetness from the flowers, the strong whisky taste wasn’t mellowed down and was unlike anything I’ve tried before — intense, yet pleasantly sweet.

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Lastly, I had the Crimson Tarte ($15) that consists of Rosselle flowers, berries and amao strawberry sorbet.

The creaminess of the sorbet and the acidity from the berries balanced out the buttery flavour of the tart like a match made in heaven.

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Intricately placed in equal layers and finished with a thin blanket of Rosselle jelly, this dish was extremely delicate and photogenic.

My overall experience at Pixy Bar & Cuisine was really pleasant and I’d recommend this place to anyone that is planning for a relaxing night out with friends over great food and drinks.

Expected Damage: $60 – $130 per pax

Pixy Bar & Cuisine: 16 Mohamed Sultan road #01-01, Singapore 238965 | Opening Hours: (Mon – Sat) 6pm – 12am, closed on Sundays | Tel: 9171 7682 | Facebook