The Provision Shop: Singapore Cafe Review

“Beyond Average Provision Shop”

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As its name suggests, The Provision shop is nestled amidst the quaint flats of Everton Park, just like your usual old school provision shop in the neighbourhood. However, what makes it so outstanding, is not just the wonderful food and homely interior, but also the very fact that The Provision Shop pays the closest attention to the sources of their ingredients.

The Provision Shop makes sure that all, if not most, of their ingredients, come from sustainable, eco-friendly farms with responsible farming methods. They even have their own farm atop the nearby Cameron Highlands!

But don’t be surprised, the cafe’s food is still priced very reasonably, such that we all can take a step towards an increasingly sustainable world without first compromising a huge deal from our own pockets.

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With a cozy, rustic-like vibe, The Provision Shop gives one a warmth welcome and even so impresses with its simple yet meaningful decor. Their wood-lined paneled counters and walls are sourced from not-so-distant Malaysia, recycled from damaged houses and villages alike.

The corked-based table tops are also made from recycled material, further cementing Chef Anthony’s dedication towards a more sustainable environment for all. He also managed to painstakingly hand-paint the adorable cutlery tin cans one finds atop each and every table, adding a personal touch to the already homely shop.

Already impressed by the whole concept behind The Provision Shop, we were blown away further by how their simple and modest fare was so spectacular. Even the drinks which includes the likes of Sea Salt Lemonade ($6) was something unique.

provision shop cafe Eggs Florentine

First up was the Eggs Florentine ($12), consisting of 2 poached barn-raised eggs with sautéed spinach and hollandaise sauce. Chef Anthony makes sure that they source for the most responsible and humane farming methods for their prime ingredients, and these quality barn-raised eggs definitely set the bar.

As their name suggests, the chickens are raised in a barn, instead of the usual battery cages, where they are able to roam around freely and are not constrained in inhumane living circumstances.

The spinach was cooked perfectly, and was an excellent pairing to the poached eggs and toast. Although a little salty, it still sat well with us as it brought more flavour to the otherwise pretty bland toast.

provision shop cafe Eggs Benedict

We then tried the classic Eggs Benedict ($12), paired with ham and hollandaise sauce. It could be a psychological effect, but I seemingly felt that the barn-raised eggs were a little better than their cooped up counterparts, with the yolk of a more orange and thicker consistency. It would be perfect if the toasted bread was a little less thick/ dense.

provision shop cafe Eggs Atlantic

Along with their Eggs Atlantic ($14), I was spoilt for choice over at The Provision Shop. Their fresh poached eggs were the ones that brought their brunch to a higher level, and with pretty affordable prices, I can say that the brunch here is above your usual average brunch fare in Singapore.

provision shop cafe Belinda's Perogis

Not forgetting the highly raved Belinda’s Perogis ($6), a traditional hot polish dumpling filled with mashed potatoes & ricotta cheese, topped with bacon, onions and sour cream. A special must-try here at The Provision Shop, the mishmash of ingredients were very well coordinated to give one a great impression of this dish.

The crispy bacon, paired with soft ricotta cheese atop creamy sour cream, the difference in textures compliment each other well, making Belinda’s Perogis the house favourite here.

provision shop cafe- Corn Beef Hash

The Corn Beef Hash ($14), was also a pretty simple delight. With roasted potatoes, steamed asparagus topped with bacon bits and a poached egg, this simple dish is set to please anyone.

provision shop cafe Burrata & Homemade Walnut Pesto

The Burrata & Homemade Walnut Pesto ($18) impressed me as a homely, comfort food one would love. Placing the creamy mozzarella and walnut pesto atop the freshly baked ciabatta, topped off with proscuitto ham, the combination of flavours and textures is really an art to behold in itself, by which you must definitely try for yourself.

Perfect for a snack at anytime of the day.

provision shop cafe beef ragu

Moving on, we had the chance to try their off menu special, the Beef Ragu ($18), made with grass fed beef brisket and topped with parmigiano reggianno. Easily one of the better pastas I’ve tried, the firm beef chunks held the tomato base really well, and were tender on bite. The tomato base was pretty pleasant, and not overpowering on taste.

Due to popular demand, they might be adding the Beef Ragu to the regular menu soon.


The flour-less lemon blueberry cake ($5) was pretty decent, with almond powder substituted for the flour. It still had the light fluffiness as one would expect a cake to be, yet still moist enough.


This cake above might seem like your average red velvet cake ($5) with a cream cheese coating, but with the planet-loving folks over at The Provision Shop, you bet you can expect something different. Their red velvet cake gets its wonderful vibrant red extracted directly from the beetroot plant itself, homemade with love.

Now thats some dedication you don’t see everyday. Definitely not compromising on taste, the red velvet cake tastes all the more flavourful and natural. Complete with a cream cheese frosting, its a great end to the wonderful meal and experience we had over at The Provision Shop.

All in all, the whole experience over at The Provision Shop was a delightful one, and I learnt so much more about how we can each take a step towards being more planet loving, and eco-friendly. Baby steps now, but I’m sure with inspiring chefs and eateries such as TPS, we can strive towards a more sustainable planet. Not to mention, the food over there is much better than your average brunch fare around town. So why not, hop over to TPS today?

Expected Damage: $15 -$20++  per pax

The Provision Shop: 01-79, 3 Everton Park, Singapore 080003 | Tel: 6225 9931 | Website