10 Food Stalls To Try At Mega Pasar Malam Outside Tampines MRT – Till 30 October 2019

Growing up in the lion city, I have long associated pasar malam (otherwise known as “night markets” or “night bazaar”) with notions of celebration, fun and nostalgia.

If anything, there is a unique, tangible pulse in the neighbourhood behind each pasar malam. And the adage, “To love food is to love night markets” speaks volumes of the support these night markets have received from generations of food-loving Singaporeans.

Sg Night Market Tampines 2 2

From 1 October to 30 October, a new, mega pasar malam, organised by Singapore Night Bazaar, has opened outside Tampines MRT station. 

With more than 60 food stalls, interactive claw machines, as well as the iconic Uncle Ringo Carnival, be prepared to feast your way through the bazaar’s eclectic selection of street bites, which run the gamut from Chinese, Malay, Swiss, Taiwanese, Japanese and more, without breaking your wallet.

Sg Night Market Tampines 32

Here are some of the bazaar’s food highlights you should search for at this mega bazaar.

1. Chubtutu

Sg Night Market Tampines 5

One of the hallmark offerings behind any night markets in Singapore (and Malaysia too), the Kueh TuTu or Putu Piring is a sweet, flower-shaped snack made from steamed rice flour and commonly filled with shredded coconut.

While one can never tire of the traditional flavour, the heritage snacks that are made from Chubtutu SG are a world on its own.

Sg Night Market Tampines 4

With a total of 13 unique flavours, including the D24 durian and mentaiko, these heritage snacks possess a soft, pillow-like consistency and are best consumed warm to experience an olfactory indulgence of sorts, where the nose gets inundated with the aromas from steamed rice flour, fillings and pandan leaves.

Expected Damage: From $5

2. Spuds Shack

Sg Night Market Tampines 1

With origins from Switzerland, the rösti — a crispy, flat cake made of grated potato, some cheese, and often a sunny-side-up egg — has long been known to be a staple breakfast dish.

But little did we know that the delectable and stodgy dish has also made its way to the classic night market.

Sg Night Market Tampines 15

Established in early 2019, Spuds Shack is the brainchild of 26-year-old Johnston Yeo, who aspires to put a twist to the potato dish. Yeo, who was on a vacation in Australia, found comfort in the potato dish and gained an epiphany to bring the rösti home for the local market.

Sg Night Market Tampines 18

Drawing influences from Asian cultures, unique renditions offered by Yeo include the spicy Chilli Flakes Rösti — a favourite amongst Singaporeans, I later learnt —, the aromatic Truffle oil-infused Rösti as well as the Japanese-inspired Seaweed Rösti. Crispy on the outside and delectably starchy on the inside, each rösti served at Spuds Shack also comes with a sunny-side-up.

Expected Damage: From $5

3. 211 House of Durian

Sg Night Market Tampines 1 2

There is no denying of the heat and humidity in a crowded night bazaar. Thankfully, there are plenty of booths selling chilled beverages and cold desserts in the night market. Of the 60 over booths available, 211 House of Durian stands out with its durian-flavoured soft serve.

Sg Night Market Tampines 11

While the brand is known for its durian offerings back at Toa Payoh, their pop-up booth at this night market is a first of many to come.

Decadent, creamy and sinfully delicious, each soft serve is infused with both D24 and Mao Shang Wang variants of the spiky fruit. For those who dislike the pungent odour from the King of the Fruits, you’ll be delighted to know odour is not perceptible at all.

Expected Damage: From $4

4. O.M.G Dessert’s Sweet Potato Balls

Sg Night Market Tampines 8

The first time I tried fried sweet potato balls, I was walking about in Da Dong Night Market in Tainan, Taiwan. I remember seeing the unseemly queue from afar and joining them shortly after. Needless to say, when I sank my teeth into these snacks, I fell in love with them and the rest is history.

Sg Night Market Tampines 6

At O.M.G Dessert‘s, I rekindled a long-lost love with the Taiwanese street snack. Wholly different from its Taiwanese variant, the sweet potato balls (which were all hand-peeled, meshed and rolled together on the spot) here arrive in larger proportions and are more crispy too.

Mellow and mildly starchy, these Taiwanese snacks are a must-try, and for the kiasu Singaporeans, you’ll be glad to know that O.M.G dessert has two stalls in the market.

Expected Damage: $3 for 10 pieces

5. O.M.G Dessert’s Japanese Souffle Pancakes

Sg Night Market Tampines 12

Also by O.M.G Dessert, these fluffy, souffle pancakes are freshly-battered, freshly-toasted, and judging by its snaking, long queue, are by far the stars of the entire Tampines night market.

Available in three flavours (strawberry, chocolate, and original), each serving of the Japanese sweets come in three pancakes, which are stacked atop one another, garnished with icing powder or cocoa powder, marshmallows, and subsequently drizzled with its corresponding flavoured-syrup.

Sg Night Market Tampines 13

When torn apart, these pancakes were slightly moist, fluffy and were not overtly sweet. The only thing lacking? A generous dollop of mascarpone or whipped cream.

Expected Damage: From $4

6. 90鼎

Sg Night Market Tampines 2

Another Taiwanese delicacy, 90 鼎 brings the juicy, Taiwan-imported, king oyster mushrooms onto the traditional grill.

Sg Night Market Tampines 9

Generously smeared with a special in-house sauce, these plump mushrooms are grilled on small heat — with the vendors flipping the palm-sized mushrooms religiously to ensure even-consistency — over the grill. The result? A nicely charred fungi with a gorgeous shine.

Sg Night Market Tampines 28

Available in an assortment of flavours, such as the classic mustard or the premium rose salt, my favourites include the tangy lemon pepper and salty seaweed.

Sg Night Market Tampines 10

There are many things that could go wrong when one grills mushrooms as large as such. Often, a lack of dexterity and uneven cooking will result in an overly chewy serving. Fortunately, these king oyster mushrooms arrive in tender, juicy and meaty chunks.

Expected Damage: From $5

7. LaLa Land

Sg Night Market Tampines 1 3

With such a punny name, LaLa Land, a recently established start-up, is bound to gather attention from the discerning-eyed. Here, the stall proffers a delectable albeit limited amount of seafood offerings — specifically grilled prawn skewers and lala clam soups.

Sg Night Market Tampines 22

A staple street food in and about night markets in Southeast Asia, a serving of grilled prawn skewers from LaLa Land comprises two huge, lightly-seasoned Tiger Prawns, both of which are first smeared with a generous serving of mentaiko before being seared by a blowtorch.

With shells that can be easily pried away, the salted pollock roe in mayonnaise easily complements the juicy meat. In other words, a pair of skewers from LaLa Land are well-worth the buck.

Sg Night Market Tampines 33

Another must-try, the herbal lala soup, which appears slightly oily, boasts a bowl of hearty, mildly spicy herbal broth filled with plenty of lala clams. Fortunately, the garnished corianders help offset the oiliness away.

Expected Damage: From $5

8. Mango Float “Bossku”

Sg Night Market Tampines 3 2

One of the few Thailand fares at the night bazaar, Mango Float “Bossku” features familiar, street bites from the “Land of Smiles”, all of which are made using the Thailand-sourced honey mango.

Sg Night Market Tampines 21

I particularly enjoyed the contrast between the sweetness of the mango and the savoury coconut milk in the classic Mango Sticky Rice.

Sg Night Market Tampines 1 4

A refreshing cold beverage against the tropical heat and the night bazaar’s humidity, I recommend grabbing the stall’s signature Mango Float, which comprises ice-blended mango juice, a serving of vanilla ice-cream, and some diced mango, to share with your friends.

Expected Damage: From  $4.50

9. Kim Dee Thai Food

Sg Night Market Tampines 23

At Kin Dee Thai Food, founders, husband-and-wife duo Bernard and Eve, serve up traditional Thailand delicacies reminiscent of a typical Thailand street vendor. The person-in-charge? 28-year-old Eve from Suphan Buri province of central Thailand.

Sg Night Market Tampines 24

Aromatic, zesty and full of ingredients, the duo’s Tom Yum Soup is heartwarming and mildly-astringent.

Sg Night Market Tampines 25

The Phad Thai Prawn, or stir-fry rice noodle with prawns, was also a good recommendation. Aromatic, spicy and containing some (to almost little) whiffs of wokhey, my favourite part of this Thailand delicacy is its smooth, rice noodle, which was not at all soggy.

Expected Damage: From $5

10. Sotong Kang Kong

Sg Night Market Tampines 2 3

For fellow Muslims, there exists a small segment of the night bazaar is dedicated to halal-certified dishes.

Sg Night Market Tampines 1 5

Of which, the Sotong Kang Kong is a popular choice amongst bazaar goers.

Drenched in various types of sweet and spicy gravies and garnished with cucumber slices, some sesame seeds, and a sprinkle of grounded nuts, the two unlikely ingredients — blanched Kang Kong and sliced squid — come together to provide an interesting contrast in texture — perfect for those open to trying new dishes.

Expected Damage: From $4

Date & Time: 1 – 30 October 2019, 11am-11pm

Tampines Mega Pasar Malam: Open Field Outside Tampines MRT