Have A Healthy Breakfast At All Times Of The Day With Quorn x Maki-San’s All-Day Mega Breakfast & More From Now Till 17 March

In today’s fast-paced and hectic culture, Singaporeans often find themselves forgoing breakfast, the most important meal of the day. I myself am a culprit of this bad habit, only indulging in breakfast on the occasional lazy Sunday morning. On the contrary, we should be making an effort to eat breakfast regularly and healthily, especially in this time of crisis; research has shown that people who eat breakfast may be better equipped to fight off colds and flu.

To ease the burden on our shoulders of having to decide what to eat, Quorn has teamed up with MakiSan to unveil a new meat-free breakfast option—the All-Day Mega Breakfast.

Maki San X Quorn 4 (1)
Credit – Quorn x Maki-San

The All-Day Mega Breakfast (S$9.90 with one hot coffee or hot green tea) features nutritional ingredients such as a guilt-free Quorn sausage patty, Japanese white rice, carrots, tamagoyaki and baby potatoes, wrapped in traditional nori. This breakfast is inspired by the classic musubi, which is essentially a sushi sandwich using seaweed and rice instead of bread.

Maki San X Quorn 3 (1)
Credit – Quorn x Maki-San

Quorn is a world-renowned brand dedicated to producing food that is both nutritious and sustainable, and the motivation behind this tie-up was to provide a healthy, sustainable and convenient all-day breakfast that still tastes good. So if you don’t have time to grab a meal in the morning before work or school, this nutrient-filled all-day breakfast will still be available for you for brunch, lunch, and even dinner.

Quorn X Makisan Online
Credit – Quorn x Maki-San

This new breakfast option pairs well with Maki-San’s other meat-free dishes in collaboration with Quorn, such as Unicorn Magic! (S$14.90) which is their house salad. This salad is a colourful combination of mixed lettuce, cold udon, Quorn Southern Fried Burger, some assorted fruits and vegetables, and topped with miso sauce.

Quorn X Makisan Online (1)
Credit – Quorn x Maki-san

The house maki—Soul Veggie (S$13.90)—is also another meat-free option, containing brown rice, Quorn Southern Fried Burger, fruits and vegetables covered with nori wrap and drizzled in miso sauce.

Quorn X Makisan Online (2)
Credit – Quorn x Maki-San

Lastly, Maki-San also serves Meat-free Crispy Nuggets (S$7.50), which are made with Quorn Crispy Nuggets.

On top of these four new Quorn x Maki-San meat-free options, customers of Maki-San can opt for their unique DIY concept and choose to add Quorn’s meat-free sausage patty or the Quorn crispy fishless fingers to their customisable sushi rolls.

Maki San X Quorn 5 (1)
Credit – Quorn x Maki-San

The Quorn x Maki-San All-Day Mega Breakfast will be available from now till 17 March 2020 at all Maki-San outlets, and via Deliveroo, Grab and FoodPanda. If you order on Deliveroo, you get to enjoy a 20% discount. First-time Singtel Dash users will also be eligible for up to S$8 rebate using the Maki-San Referral Code MKSAN8 for in-store transactions.

Who can turn down a delicious yet healthy Japanese-style breakfast sandwich that can be enjoyed at all times of the day? Not me, that’s for sure.

Dates & Times: Available at all Maki-San outlets and Deliveroo, Grab and Foodpanda from now till 17 March 2020

Price: S$9.90 for All-Day Mega Breakfast, S$14.90 for Unicorn Magic!, S$13.90 for Soul Veggie, S$7.50 for Meat-free Crispy Nuggets