Rainbow Cheese Toasties In Singapore Lets You Taste The Rainbow

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Following the success of Hong Kong Cafe KALA Toast’s ‘unicorn toastie’, Singapore now has it’s very own Rainbow Cheese Toastie ($9) as well, created by Epicurious cafe at Robertson Quay.

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The owner even brings out the rainbow cheese toastie in a little unicorn getup.

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The thick toast looks pretty unassuming from the outside, but once you tear it open you’ll see a splash of bright colors from the melted cheese within.

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There is currently four colors of cheese in this rainbow toastie: Pink (beetroot), Orange (carrot), Green (spinach) and Violet (red cabbage and eggplant). There is apparently a blue colored cheese being developed to add to the color palette, but its still in the works.

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The colorful rainbow effect is mostly from natural ingredients as mentioned, but admittedly there is just a splash of food coloring to make the colors pop more.

Arriving warm and crispy, the cheese melt is mainly a blend of mozzarella and parmesan to give it that stretchable texture. It is also flavoured with truffle oil for some extra oomph since these cheeses aren’t naturally very sharp in taste.

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The buttery toastie itself is reasonably tasty as a snack, with prominent flavours coming from the truffle oil and spinach, however don’t expect to taste all the flavours used in the cheese which is more for coloring than anything – it would be weird anyway with so many different flavours.

There you have it, for $9++ you can get your own Rainbow Cheese Toastie right here in Singapore. You can get a set with beetroot salad and fries for $16++ too. Time to stock up on your instagram photos!

Expected Damage: $9++ per toastie

Epicurious: 60 Robertson Quay, #01-02 The Quayside, 238252 | Tel: 6734 7720 | Website