10 Reasons Guys who Love Hawker Food are Marriage Material

We ladies have many pre-conceived notions of how our man should be and it is natural for most of us not to associate man with hawker food when it comes to fantasizing about our sunny futures with our dreamy significant other.

But almost any bermudas wearing male can be the ‘best boyfriend‘ according to another grammatically-disadvantaged publication, so why not guys who love hawker food?

This list of reasons is here mostly to appeal to the more pragmatic side of women looking into starting something serious with a man that just enjoys great local food. What is a statistically-proven (not really) tell-tale (probable) sign that your man is the one to settle down with?

He is a loyal hawker food lover. And here’s some reasons why.

1. He is down to earth.

Down to earth Donald trump

Forget fast cars and fancy restaurants. In Singapore, you get fined for exceeding the speed limit and the cost of living here is high so continuously dining at expensive restaurants can’t be a viable option.

If the man you’re seeing prefers dining at hawker centers on most nights, he is most probably down to earth and a man who can reasonably manage his eating expenses is definitely worth settling down with.

2. He is open-minded.

Ready jon snow

Much like a hawker center that has many different stalls selling many different types of cuisines, a guy who likes hawker food usually likes to keep his options open (not when it comes to women of course, but definitely when it comes to food).

His idea of spicing up after-work meals with you, his beloved, is by trying out a new stall at the hawker centre so go be adventurous with him you silly donkey!

3. He will be a good father.

Cool phil

Seems too outrageous and too indirect a link? Think about it. In your early years of marriage, it is possible the two of you want to first focus on your careers and on yourselves but as the idea of children starts to toy with your minds, his hawker-food-loving heart will begin to warm up to the prospect of you and your kids bonding over food.

Nostalgic memories of patronizing a favourite stall will be formed and come 50 years later, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars the plain ol’ hawker-loving man you fell in love with enabled the forging of strong family ties… Take my word for it.

4. He helps you dabao food.

Stay home

Lazy nights in with your significant other are something most of us ladies look forward to at the end of each tiring work day.

If you’re with a man who loves both hawker food and you, you’re in luck ma’am for this man will be most likely to help you dabao the food of your liking from the hawker centre so that the two of you can enjoy the rest of your evening in front of the telly, digging into chicken rice, pratas, mee pok or anything really.

5. He is sentimental.

Sentimental leo

A man who knows how to work his way to a woman’s heart usually observes and takes note of his lady’s preferred food choices.

When he brings you to hawker centres, he will remember which stall you usually frequent and on days you take a sick leave (when you’re actually legitimately ill), he will not only offer to walk all the way to the hawker centre to get your favourite food but he’ll also most probably go out of his way to find that one fish soup stall or herbal soup stall whose soup will cure your gnarly flu away.

6. He will be dependable.

Trustworthy doctor who

He may not be Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Who, but a Hawker Lover will usually make sound decisions come the time the two of you move in together or decide on a place to settle in to for good.

A man who sees the beauty in hawker food will insist that the housing estate have at least one or two good hawker centres. This ensures convenience when it comes to accessibility to food and this, as we all know, is a basic necessity.

7. He can impress your foreign friends.

Welcome to singapore

Most of us have one or two friends from the land beyond our humble island. When they come to visit, you most probably want to show them around and let them know how our wonderfully-culturally-diverse country has numerous cuisines and how all are beautiful in their own way.

If your man is husband material and wants to make sure your friends are well-treated, he will definitely bring you and your friends to the best hawker centres around and a hawker-food-lover will most definitely take pride in doing so.

8. He likes to keep things simple.

No complications scott

A man who would choose a basic plate of Char Kway Teow over an elaborate platter of exotic foods at an over-priced restaurant knows how to keep things simple. This could easily be translated to how your squabbles will play out. In order to keep things from getting messy, he’ll try to appease you while trying to resolve the situation.

Might seem like a far-fetched connection but I’ve seen several hawker-food-loving dads and the way they handle their occasionally angsty wives is rather commendable.

9. He is decisive.

Decisive ice king

A man who loves a good ol’ meal at the nearby hawker centre is probably always firm and intent on a place to go to for dinner. Rest assured he always have a dinner plan. (-;

10. He’s just your regular ol’ nice guy.

Simple andy

He is not cheap, he is just lovable and ready to settle down with a nice girl like you. Especially with the younger generations now trying to find new, innovative ways to woo a lady, it is getting harder to discern whether a guy really is down to earth, easy to hang with and yet manly in the way he manages his finances, etc. Nice guys finish last? More like hawker food-loving guys…haha…haa…

If this entire list has not sufficiently convinced you yet, I think some diving into the actual playing field will help sort things out. So, go on young padawan, spread your wings and fly! Go venture out and find yourself a man who relishes the mere thought of dining at a Hawker centre. It is not bizarre, it is what it is.

Disclaimer: This list could, to some extent, be applicable to hawker-loving, wed-deserving women too. Yes, the claims aren’t backed up by any research, but hey, all girls would like to think they have a nice boyfriend.  Who coincidentally eats hawker food.