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SEAR: The Steaks Are High at One of Singapore’s Best Steakhouses

From the gilded cutlery to the charming view, the chic American steakhouse SEAR perched atop Singapore Land Tower welcomes people (office workers, businessmen and ordinary common...

JINzakya Singapore: Retro Japanese Izakaya With Great Sakes

Pair your Japanese dishes with Sake at this Yakitori bar. Located at a rather nondescript location near Farrer Park, JINzakaya, a yakitori and sake bar set...

Seorae Singapore: Where Korean BBQ meats Bingsoos

Don't feel Seorae for indulging. "Back to the Basics". This is a philosophy the founder of SEORAE Galmaegi, Chef Chul Park has stood by throughout...

10 Best Traditional Singapore-Style Waffles To Relive Your Childhood

Hear ye hear ye! Calling the old, sentimental few in Singapore to gather around and revel in a somewhat distant memory... Traditional Singapore-style Waffles. Those spongy, mostly pandan-skinned...

Boruto: Enjoy Smooth Sakes and Tasty Tapas in Style

Where Tapas & Sake Come Together. Melding cool and chic, Boruto, a stylish Japanese gastropub located near the heart of CBD, offers worn-down office-workers or ladies looking for a mellow...

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